does outcome of counselling has any impact on proceedings in court?

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      Dear Sir,

      I will keep it short, after we got married we lived together for 6 months, in between we had many problem, i went to the verge of cutting my life line nerve to get freed from her, but then also she didn’t stop her pestering, nagging,abusing and humiliation.

      Then i got separated, she filed 498a, i got AB, she file 125 CPRC, i filed divorce.

      In divorce case, judge asked us to go for counselling, we went 3 rounds of counselling, the members in the counselling panel understood that she was lying, they tried their best to resolve but she didn’t cooperate. So they forwarded our issue to special council(psychological counselling), where a lady councilor attended listened to us. After hearing my facts and my wife facts, the councilor understood her cruel mind and advised her to behave properly and asked her not to cheat.

      The councilor asked whether we need another session, I told its of no use and asked her to move the case back to court. She accepted and written something in the report which am unaware, but am sure it will be against my wife only and it will be in favor of me.

      Now, does this report from special counselling will help me in anyway in court?

      Kindly reply.

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      Dear friend , it is not the way to cut your vein / nurve to get free from any problem. If your wife is not ready to stay with you peacefully and happily you move before the court and file divorce petition and get free from each others. But you stop to do fullishness as you have done.

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      No way whatsoever. The mediator or counsellors job is to just try and patch up things or make the break easier using his or her so called vision. Except for that their word is never taken in any court as a point to reckon with or worst comes to worst they cant even be called to the witness box forget about they testifying. So dont worry at all.

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