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      I got married before three years. Now I am leaving with my wife and with my parents. My younger brother also got married before six months and leaving with us only. We have 2BHK flat and registration of that flat had done on my father and my name. My father helped me financially for buying that flat and hence I put his name as co-applicant. Now after marriage because of routine issues between my wife and my family I decided to leave that house. To stabilize my relationship with my wife I have decided to do this. I was thinking my wife will not have any objection for this. She will support me as these routine issues are going to stop by doing so. But she put conditions for coming with me in a rented flat. First of all she is not ready to come along with me in a rented flat. As I m paying EMI for this house then according to her we should stay here. And if we are going outside then she told me neither I should pay EMI for that house nor I should give money to parents.

      Secondly she is saying instead of going out and leaving in a rented flat I should ask my brother and his wife to do some arrangement as they are not paying as much as mine for that house.

      My father is saying that as this house is belongs to me also and i m the elder one in this house, until and unless ur relationship gets settled I will not let u entered in this house once u leave this home. if u want I will return all the money whtevr u paid as an EMI till now. if u r going outside then dont bother abt the things u left.

      But wife is having strictly opposed for that. She told me either i should give her the period for which we will stay outside or i should give her the confirmation that this house will remain on my name only. Otherwise she will do daily arguments with me in that rented house also and nothing new will happen overthere also. Same type of arguments will takes place again and again and there will not be any meaning to shift there to stabilize our relationship. According to her she will not accept this thing that inspite of having own house we are shifting in a rented flat and other persons are staying back in that for which her husband will pay the EMI.

      ALL these things are illogical for me. I cant tell my parents or my brother to make alternate arrangement for them. I cant tell them to pay EMI of that house. And now I am thinking very negative for my wife. I literally don’t want to stay with a woman who is having more interest in the property than relationship and that’s why I am thinking that if she is not ready to come along with me to stabilize our relationship then I will go for separation from her.

      But really is this a major reason to take such a step? Am I wrong anywhere? Will this reason be so strong to go for a separation?

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      So you have Problem with your wife not with parents;

      As your Father is co applicant she cannt occupy as its your house, as she has no rights in IN LAWS property[Find this judgment here ];

      you have to provide her Food/Cloth/Shelter if she ask in court or as a Husband.

      in Goa under Portugese laws wife has 50% rights of husband Property and all other parts of india, only 30%

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