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      Hi Everybody,

      I had heard about abuse of old parents and never thought it would happen to mine.My brother and his wife keep threatening my father ( a retired colonel) and my mother that they would use the 498A against them if they do not transfer all the land and property in their name.My poor parents who cant boast of a huge family following and support find themselves at their mercy and even after reporting to the police there has been no respite as the police officials are so corrupt that they take money and use their powers against old helpless people.They at the moment face the threat of being thrown out of their own house as the girl along ith her parents keeps threatening to get them evicted. My brother who has been very conveniently made to depend on drugs (opium) ,appears to do as they say,since the girls father trades in the same . I am the only daughter and my husband is in the army. The situation is very grim.Suggest what i can do to help my parents.


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      Hi Jaspreet,

      your case is seems to be different. your parents have only threats because of 498a, in DV only husband is respondend, Hope your brother and his wife is not staying with your parents, if not ask them to stay seperate from such greedy people. even If your Sister in law files 498a on you conviction is merely possible in your case. and even if they give some proof to prove you brotehr will also surely landup in his trap only.

      as counter attack your parents can ask for maintenance under CRPC 125. so all in all you or your parents need not to worry about it.

      Thanks and Regards


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      Dear Jaspreetji,

      Jai Hind.

      I am proud of u , being your husband is in army & you are against injustice , corruption. I have gone through your matter. You have no need to worry about threatening at the instance of wife of your brother.

      If she is threatening , you may file complaint against her & all culprits for the same, it is nothing but criminal act of extortion, If u feel that she may prosecute you u/s 498(a), for protection file application for anticipatory bail, if it needs. If contineous threats are there, you try to record the same.You may prosecute her for offences of extotion, threats etc. If any more problem you may contact, i will advise as per the problem, you don’t worry.

      Your wellwisher,

      Adv. Ramchandra N.Kachave, My Nation/

      9821387099, 9224799546.

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