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      Dear Sir,


      i am 26 years old woman, at the time of my marriage i have told to my husband that i want to work and want to study, only this was my condition or question to my husband at that time marriage for accepting or rejecting their proposal, all this was accepted by him, and then i said yes for marriage.

      after marriage my in-laws started torturing me, even from day one, for dowry indirectly (they don’t allow me to visit my parents and abuse my parents,

      my parents gifted a small fd but in my name, Now 2 years before my mother in law demanded money and said if i will not give to her he will make trouble to me, my husband was standing their but saying nothing.

      They abuse me or call my parents even if I left my towel in the bathroom.

      I talk to my husband about all this and told him to stop and do something regarding all problems he started shouting… even he broke my cell phone..

      My mother in law gone to peoples home that he tried/tying to commit, but when i asked this there was no explanation ..

      When I asked the same thing to my husband that why will I try to commit subside I am earning and taking care of myself.. again then there was no answer.


      In 2010 i was pregnant and they started me torturing me more, my husband beated me (this was directed by my mother in law, when he was beating me i tried to call police and my father my phone was taken by my mother in law and pushed my and locked me in the room)

      mother in law threaten and abuse me and my parents, that they will declare that i am a character-less girl and I have affair outside, if i will not obey them 100% .

      after my delivery, some of their relative come in a social gathering asked about all this and again said that i will commit suicide.. why? – don’t know…, and even they have not seen me for one time…. the same thing was said by them over ph to my father…

      My father… explained every situation to them, then (me and my husband), we (me and my husband decided to stayed in a rented house), but after going to their house on that day he again started fighting over ph to me that i don’t have money to finance for rented house etc….(he was staying with us on working days only and left our rented house on every weekend and holiday and stayed with his mother only and comeback on Monday night again.)

      I financed everything even a cup from my saving… My husband was not giving me 4000 rs only, I was managing everything somehow, we are quite happily.

      Every thing was going quit fine for 5-6 months till i demanded my jewellary (whch is with my mother in law, actually she has taken all my marriage jewelry, and is not giving back it to me) i have told my husband to take my jewellary from them as festivals are coming but he refused to do so, so I demanded the same from her, then she have given only my bangles and asked me to give her in writing that i have return jewellary to her, instead of writing this i have taken two stamp paper and write that they have return only my bangles only.

      Now after this there was no problem till my husband visit his mother’s house…, he again started fighting on small issues(like dal me namak nahi hai etc.) i was surpised.., then… after 1 week he beated me again, there was again no issue for all this, this time I have gone to police station for a complaint they came to our house and told him to not to do so, and sign a note from me that if he will do this kind of thing again the legal action will be taken from my side, from that day onwards, our life is now disturbed again,

      He has left the house on 3 Months before and called me on after two days late evening around 7 PM that i will not stay with you..

      (in between the time when i have reported police regarding his misbehaviour and beaten case, he started taken his all thing, cloths etc move from renting house to some where else, i keep quit and was looking for his response) i have always asked him to tell me what is my mistake…but every time there was no reply.. what to do with i know i always keep quite till the matter (gali and calls) goes to my parents they want money i have given every month cash amount equilant to there sons to them from the day of my marriage every sat and sun i used to make good food different from daily routen.. make them laugh but she waited me to go outside or washroom (even after early morning when i am out of my room to get fresh) and ki tujhe kasam hai kya bol rahi thi ye ladki beta..bata… i

      my husband told things to her, story is long but she always

      After reading this long story please suggest something as what to do legally and generally, as I am loosing my hope toward god/justice…

      1. can I file an Fir regarding, he left the home and not taking care of us.

      2. domestic voilance

      3. my mother in law regarding dawary / jewellary and tourch.

      4. my Mother in law is threightning me to declare me as a careter less girl also telling people that I have committed suiside and can do so..(as one of his relative called my father and said what she want, she will commit suiside, apprx. 10 months before, despite seeing that from last 2.5 years no financial or there help or support they are giving me, in between I was pregnant has a baby etc…)

      5. Any other you suggest… so that I can think further to take any action… I don’t want divorce., as we were not having problem initially..the problems were arise due to my mother in law my husband is a person who is not able to take a decision what he is hungry or nott…. he is the person who is done all this mess..

      Please advise….. i and my daughter really need help…

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      if your details are true then you can file Domestic Violence on them;

      you can ask for maintenance and house under DV act. but for sure with this your will get divorce.

      if you do not wantt divorce then you can file restitute Conjugal Rights, askin im to come and join you. let him answer what he want. and court will decide.

      meanwhile you can file for intrime maitenance.

      We answer as you wrote, without finding truth behind your statement.

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      You may file criminal cases against culprits, but it is not end of matter but it is arise of matter, you have a small kid, he needs mother & father both, so you try to tolerate if possible., 9821387099, 9224799546.

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