dowry case before merriage.

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      I engaged to a girl in dec engagement my would be inlawas gave us few gifts and cash of Rs. 51000.

      but i didnt like the girl coz

      she was already in relationship to a boy and i didnt like her and her families nature.

      also her father has fixed the merriage date and booked the community center himself without informing me and

      my family.

      i am just 25 year old i told her to delay the merriage and also her parents but they strongly denied and used

      abusive words for me and my parents and she too used abusive words for me.

      i explained this whole to my father and asked him to break the engagement.

      my father told her fahter that thsese kids are unhappy with this merriage so better to break the engagement

      and returned all his gifts and cash he gave us, in presence of few people but we didnt took there signature.

      Now she and her father as filed a case against us that “merriage date was fixed (he has the proof as recipt of

      community center he booked for the date) and we (me and my father) has demanded a dowry of Rs. 5 lakh and

      without this merriage can not be performed i(Her fahter) was not able to give that dowry to them so they (me

      and my fahter) break the engaement ,also they (me and my father) didnt returned the gifts and cash he had

      given us in engament”

      Police registerd a case 406 dowry prohibition act and searched our home for the gifts and it was not found in

      our home this was disgusting for my family.

      they have all the proofs like community booking center reciept, photos of engament and some fake proofs he has made.and we just have few people in there presence my father returned there gifts and money.

      Please help i am scared my fault is just to refuse for merrige becoz of her bad loose charater,i am a s/w

      engineer working in a big renowned IT company ,starteed my career in 2008 and 25 year old.

      am i and my family in danger ?

      is there any threat to lose my job, if it is, how can i save my job (she has my salery slip too)?

      how long can it take to finish this case ?

      Plz help me get out of this hell.

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      contact nearest SIF chapter…. numbers can be found at

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      If you have not arrested for the case u/s 406 or on any complaint it will be better to approach before sessions court for A.B.A. 9821387099, 9224799546

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