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      need your advice please reply soon.

      i married last year in November , our marriage is arrange marriage we both were meeting around one year the whole last year till then she was ok with me came to my house also, but now after marriage she is not comfortable with my family i separated her from my family and we both live at my village home alone but then also she is not good with me.

      when i say something to do she does not do that and always fight with me and when i say this to my family then she again fight with me saying that u keep on telling them. I always tried to make her happy but she doesnot………..

      Now she has gone to her home saying that i will not be coming home again , but then also i talked toher and call her back but then she is not ready and use false language to me and my parents, she is going to be pregnant and i donot want to lose any of them nor the child or her but she is not ready to come back.

      I ma afraid that might her mother put the case of Dowry again me and my family which we were not asking the false case.

      Please help me what should i do and brig her home or get the Divorce if she has done Abortion. It not about to be a year only two month and she is doing this please advice me to get a Divorce or what action should i take.


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