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      A recent study conducted by the UN has revealed some shocking results regarding the statistics about domestic violence against husbands. Egypt has been ranked at number one when it comes to abusing and beating husbands. UK is at number two and India is at the third spot. other countries may have laws to protect men but in India, none for men.

      Domestic Violence has been recognised across the world as a form of violence that affects a person’s life in every way – physically, psychologically, financially and its is a violation of basic human rights.

      Indian men facing domestic violence at the hands of wife or female partner is a harsh reality. However, no one including our government has taken any stand on addressing it. Domestic Violence is a serious social issue, but men who face domestic violence in India have nowhere to go since the law doesn’t treat them as victims. According to the data that was collected, wives are said to use rolling pins, belts shoes and kitchen tools to hit their husbands. most of the time these incidents never reported, because if men tell their abuse no one will beleive or laugh at them, its a shame, so they silently suffer and die young if not committed suicide.

      Violence on men can range from anything like – physical violence including slapping, pushing, hitting by wife, her parents or relatives; emotional violence with wife threatening suicide to intimidate and control the husband; verbal abuse if husband remains in contact with his parents or comes home late from work; throwing objects like utensils, cell phones and crockery at the husband; sexual abuse if husband denies sex to mental abuse by constant threats of implicating the husband and his family under false case of dowry and domestic violence.

      National Crime Records Bureau statistics reveal every nine minutes one married man committe suicide. In 2012 approximately 64,000 married men committed suicide vis-a-vis 32,000 married women.

      In 2013, 371 Indians committed suicide, according to data released recently by the National Crime Records Bureau. That is, 1,34,799 Indians, killed themselves in 2013. That makes India’s suicide rate 11 for every one lakh persons.

      Of the daily figure of 371 suicides, 248 were men; 89 of them ended their lives to escape “family problems”.

      Reasons :

      no law or Ministry to address men problems.

      Women centric laws, which are misused to harass.

      Financial burdon, lose of Child custody if going for Divorce.

      Society, Shame

      Various countries have identified domestic violence as a serious threat to a person’s overall wellbeing thus providing relief in various forms. India has also identified domestic violence as a crime and provides relief and protection from it but only for Women. In most countries in the world, the laws against domestic violence provide protection to both men and women. Men can also seek restraining orders from courts, which restrain the abusive partner or wife from perpetrating abuse and even contacting the victim. Whereas in India, family violence against men is almost legal as there is no provision in any law to protect a man, who faces violence from wife or other female family members. There are several cases where a husband has been battered, abused, tortured by wife in connivance with her own family. Many a times the violence is so brutal that the husband suffers extreme injuries or forced to committ suicide.

      Explain need for DV for men

      Right to live: General – Every civilized legal system recognizes right to life. We are having a written Constitution. There are certain basic rights which have been treated as fundamental by the Founding Fathers of the Constitution. Article 21 is one of them. It declares that no person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law. It is settled law that life does not mean ‘animal existence’. Before more than 100 years, it was recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court in the leading case of Munn v. Illinois11. This principle is recognized by our Supreme Court in Kharak Singh12, Sunil Batra v. Delhi Administration and in various other cases. After Maneka Gandhi v. Union of India, various rights have been held to be covered by Article 21; but in india, men do not have any rights or laws when they face abuse in their own home.Death is certain. It is a fact of life. Suicide is not a feature of normal life. It is an abnormal situation. But if a person has right to enjoy his life, he cannot also be forced to live that life to his detriment, disadvantage or disliking. because of women centric laws which are biased towards men which makes him live in fear of false cases like IPC 498a, Domestic violence, False rape cases etc.

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      Types of Abuse

      Most of the time, domestic violence against men only gets any attention when a celebrity is the victim of some kind of noteworthy physical harm, such as when Tiger Woods’ wife attacked him with a golf club or Phil Hartman’s wife shot him as he slept. Even then, the violent acts are often perceived as isolated incidents and much of the public and private speculation presumes the man “did something to deserve it.” In reality, this kind of violence is often foreshadowed by actions that may not seem like domestic violence on the surface, but do, in fact, represent a series of abuses against the men such as:

      Using insults, name-calling, and other berating language

      Interfering with him seeing his family and friends

      Threatening to expose embarrassing personal information to others

      Showing oppressive possessiveness or jealousy

      Restricting his spending or controlling his finances

      Shoving, slapping, or otherwise striking him

      Threatening harm to themselves or others as a way to “punish” him

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      Law which help to make a society which does not discriminate among each other, it provide a remedy against the criminal or civil activities which is in voilative of any law.

      Honorable Chief Justice of Karnataka Shri P.D.Dinakaran had also voiced the problems that men face when false cases under Domestic Violence Act are lodged against them at a workshop organized for Awareness of Domestic Violence Act.

      Details of the 1975 and 1985 studies are available from the Interuniversity Consortium For Political and Social Research at the University of Michingan.

      The average results in the ‘severe assault’ category are reported below:

      Wives report they have been severely assaulted by husband 22 per 1000

      Wives report they have severely assaulted husband 59 per 1000

      Husbands report they have been severely assaulted by wives 32 per 1000

      Husbands report they have severely assaulted wives 18 per 1000

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