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      The trail court in my dv case passed order as follows.

      1. interim maintenance of 30% of my salay(without any salary slip / proof of salary)

      2. issued nbw against husband before passing interim maintenance.

      3. issued summon to all 7 accused (2 women) without receiving dir.

      4. 125 is there and she is not following up.

      5. i have paid her alot of money in her account but she did not inform the court in 125>

      we went hc to quash the above but on 15-05-2012 high court passed the following order

      “operation of the impugned order, except direction to petitioner no.1 to pay 25 per cent of his salary to opposite party no.2 towards her as well as her son maintenance, shall remain stayed till further order of this court.

      List this matter under the same heading after summer vacation within top five cases.”

      kindly advice and give any ruling.

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      Can you please tell me which high court has passed this judgment? Also in which lower court your DV case is going on. Which state?



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      patna hc

      patna lc


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      My wife had filed 498a in 2005 then after she had filed 125 in 2006 then after I have filed HMP in 2008 then after she had file DVA in 2009.

      I have got divorce on the ground of desertion on dated 31.12.2014. Two case is still pending one of DVA and retrial of 498a.

      Should I taking a benefits for 1. false depositions she has given in different judicial proceeding 2. she has accepted that she has voluntarily deserted her husband in her cross exam. Family court has clearly observed that she has given the deposition in the aforesaid three cases, it is clear that wife has not given the clear picture but the contradictory and inconsistent depositions have been given.

      You are request to suggest me legal points in this regard or suggest any judgment in support of me.

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