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      I am presently staing in Delhi and a case has been registered u/s 498a against me in Kolkata.

      Currently I compel to visit and appeared before Kolkata court everymonth from Delhi.

      Please provide any option that give me exemtion to appear before court .

      Is their any supreme court guideline reagrding seeking permanent exemtion from appering before court?

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      Yes you can ask for exempt from appearing; but its ll depends on your Lawyer how he present your case and the mercy of Judge. Instead you can ask for longer dates instead every month. Adjusting weekly holidays so you can save your time travelling.

      Permenent exempt depends on situation of your case, when other party is regular then chance of getting permanent exempt is bleek.

      Best strategy is appointing good lawyer and fight it out. you can call our Calcutta helpline for more advice.

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      Why drag the reconcilation sessions of the CAW cell. Just tell them that no reconcilation is possible and end the story and the tension. They are only required to hold a minimum of 3 sessions to try to reconcile parties. After that FIR is registered on insistence of girl. Bite the bullet and when they register FIR file for anticipatory bail in Sessions Court. Get yourself a lawyer in Kolkatta.

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      your lawyer may ask for permanent exemption till the trial, or he may ask for exemption as per date, you request your letter.

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