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      Hello Sir/Ma’am
      My friend was framed in fake harassments case by his GF in 2017 and The girl filed a case of 354D, 507, 509 that my friend called her and abused her over call but the number in FIR she wrote was not her but her ex bf and my friend called her ex bf, not her, she used her ex bf number to file a fake case.
      Now when court has sent her notice to come for statement and cross examination, she is not coming, court has sent 4 notices and 1 bailable warrant, still she did not come, she is working far from her home town.
      she got married in 2019 but got separated and her husband filed divorce case, her husband contacted me and asked for help he said after marriage she always talked to her ex bf over call and whatsapp when he opposed she started abusing and went to her mother home.

      now advise us
      what my friend should do ?
      should we file defamation case ? or criminal case under 188 and 211 IPC or both ?
      or Should we taking help from National Human Right Commission to get compensation ?

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