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      Hi, All

      I got married in april 2011 and on the very next day of my marriage

      she told me that she loves some other guy and don’t want to stay with

      me.On the very same day she called her father and leave us with all

      her belongings.Before leaving us she give us writting that she loves

      some other guy and will stay with him, and she does not love me even

      1%, and if her lover does not take her she will stay alone . she leave

      me before our reception and there is no mating between us.We have not

      taken anything from them.

      After 2 days she filed a false 498a case in her locality

      along with other IPC’s like 376,511,341,342,506, Arms act etc

      etc.After that we leave our house and stay in our relatives house.

      Then their family try to contact us via their pandit of marriage and

      told us to settle the case by paying 5lakhs to them. But we dosen’t

      want to pay money to that family and after a long 3-4 months all of

      us got 438 bail though our 438 hearings were opposed by their lawyers

      on every hearings.I have lost my very good job due to this.

      The police has not done any investigation till now only the have visit our home once with my father in law to arrest us. Our lawyer has forced us to do a SEC:9 case. But now we have withdrawn the case.

      Now plz advice me:

      1. What to do if the police does not submit any report for long years?

      2. Is she claim maintainence then can she get it for such a short span

      of marrige life, 1 day after leaving home by herself??

      3. Is it right step to withdraw the sec:9 case ?

      4.Should we go for quash??

      Plzzz help me, I will fight till the end of my life and will go to even supreme court, but need advice on techniques that hw to fight this false 498a case.

      Waiting for your valuable reply.

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