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      My Brother-in-law’s (my wife’s brother) wife has filed a false case of dowry harrassment and has accused my wife and myself.

      We have very little contact with their family and stay at a distant location in the city with my parents..

      Can you please tell me what kind of remedy I have …

      I will be glad for any help..

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      In some cases Legal Terrorists included husbands friends family too, and police will charge sheet without any investigation.

      still you can approch HC, if you prove you have not indulged much with your brothers family or always away from them.

      Please browse http://mynation.net/docs/sitemap/ for related judgements where FIR quash or names deleted from case by HC.

      of if you give us little more details about your 498A or her FIR statement you can go for 498A quash itself.

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      If you are on bail, no problem, & if not move for ant. bail, thenafter approach for quashing the complaint before High Court,

      http://www.jaihindlegal.com 9821387099, 9224799546.

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      Dear members,

      I got married last year on 12aug’10. I was living in nigeria and could not take my wife along with me as my company did not allow and she was living with my mother. But I was coming occasionally in every two three months out of frustration and because of narrow mindedness of my wife and my inlaws.

      Since I was coming so frequently, I lost my job in nigeria. Than I started my business in Nigeria only and arranged to take my wife along.

      But by this time she has filed a legal case against me as 406IPC, 498a against me my mother and my brother.

      Because of the pressure from the police to attend to the investigation and continuous threatening from my in laws, I lost my business in Nigeria too and came back finally to india to compromise.

      Police cooperated and we compromised after suffering great humiliation, insult and physical torture on me and the case has been closed.

      Now my wife is leaving with me and my mother but her parents are still interfering in between and threatening and insulting me and my mother continuously because my wife is creating false and baseless stories without any proof and telling her parents which she was doing before also.

      I tried to make my wife and in laws understand but I failed. They are using abusive language and insulting continuously.

      They came to my house, beated me, insulted me and my mother and used abusive language of which whole colony is witness.

      I want to divorce her and I don’t have any job in hand right now but will get soon.

      What can I do to get rid of this problem?

      Please suggest.

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      Please post it in new thread so you can followup replies

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