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      Hi ,

      Wife has lodged false maintenance case and in the petition she has mentioned that she is just a housewife. But in reality she is working in a pvt Aided college from last 7 years which she is hiding in the petition. She is a lecturer for degree college. She has done M.Sc., B.Ed.

      I was working in a pvt bank but this month I lost my job as I was unable to focus on my work due to family issues, litigations and repeated hospitalization of my aged parents. I made to resign. I am applying to many companies but there is no fruitful result. Moreover, this is a COVID struck economy and under such situation getting a job again is difficult. I am in a mid life crisis.

      Moreover now I am fearing my EMIs for the loans I borrowed for my marriage. My father’s pension is insufficient for meeting EMIs and family expenses. I had to sell my car to repay car loan and bike loan. Housing loan and marriage and loans borrowed for marriage are still running. Legal expenses are in additional to this now.

      Instead of supporting me in family and finance wife has started harassing me legally.

      Now, I asked the college and recieved her month wise salary for all these years through RTI. In this RTI reply college has mentioned that her employment is temporary in nature. But the job never discontinued. Increase in her salary compounded @8.3% p.a.

      Since she has claimed that she is just a housewife can we file case for it ?
      Can I get maintenance in HMA atleast until I get a job ?

      Married in Apr 2018 and she went back to her parents in July 2018. She Aborted child in Sept 2018. No children now. Maintenance filed by her in Sept 2020.

      She forced to make a separate house for her but I could not because my parents are aged and ill. I am the only son to my parents. Seeing all this father tried to commit suicide and admitted to hospital in this year. Is there a law in support of me and my parents now ?

      She is doing job in my town but lives with her parents only since from last 3 years. She is also a single heir to her parents. But her father is healthy and having govt pension.

      We are ready to bring her back but her parents did all to keep her and never sent her back.
      How can I counter my case ?

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