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      I am married man with three children, running a college and was president of district level wakf board committee. Last year I have hired a middle aged women in my college as cordinator.She slowly by her dedication and involvement in the betterment of the college, become an important member of the college and even in my personnel life. She is a well trained and master in all aspects and due to this she impressed me up to the level that I have married her. After our Nikha she slowly started changing her attitude and started ignoring me in major decision and money matter. She started demanding big money and luxury as big car big flat etc.Our relation started to deteriorate slowly. I become suspicious about her and collected information about her past. I was shocked to learn that she is a professional black mailer and I am the fifth victim of those women. She in past blackmailed four other college owners, out of which three without a police complaint have paid healthy remission and get rid of her there is one person who has lodge a complaint against her. After knowing the fact I imidately given her talak and dismissed her from the college.

      After few months I received a call from her and she was begging and asking to have mercy on her and forgive her for what evil she have done to me and asked to meet once at her apartment so that she can personally apologize to me .I being a gentleman agreed to meet her. I went to her place at about 8.30 PM in the evening, I found she was very polite and humble and repeatedly asking me to forgive her. I offered to pay her pending salary in addition of some compensation in return that she will leave me for ever. She agreed and offered me some soft drinks which I consumed. The drinks containing some kind of intoxicant. I lost my senses all of sudden she started touring my clothes and hers also and shouting that I am raping her. It was well planned trap all of sudden the already waiting gonads belonging to my political rival entered the room and started beating me the lady become full naked and made me also naked and the Goon made MMS. The then called the neighbors and started shouting that I have raped her Police was called and they arrested me in rape case. Because I am a rising leader of ruling party the opposition and media and more over a Muslim There is a fire in jungle.Everbody refused to help me? Now I’m in jail for last 5 months.

      My wife alone is running for my rescue there is no one to help me.

      Kindly suggest me how to come out of this problem.

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      You wrote you married her.

      and in the end you say your wife alone helping you.

      so when you married this black mailer (BM) you were already married.

      so your BM divorced you or in talaq she did`t asked anything ? she went away just like that .?

      was it legal or just talaq.?

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      If u r in jail since 5 months, how u have written all this story.

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