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      I am married to the Ms S. Jassi, D/O Sh. S. K. Jassi, dated 19/10/2007, in Jalandhar. Since my wedding, I am facing too much interference of my in laws into my family affairs, and my life has turned from good to bad, and bad to worse. My In laws (both father and mother in law) have many times threatened to implicate me in a dowry case. My in laws have even spoilt my relations with my relatives and tarnished my image in the society.

      Since my wedding, my wife has always complained of one or another disease associated with her, and tried to stay away from all types of household jobs. She is completely out of my control, and every time we don’t agree on a point she runs away from home and goes back to her parents, without looking at time. She often threatens us by saying that she’ll commit suicide. Repeatedly this matter has been brought to the notice of Sonia’s parents, but I have always been refuted by saying that I am putting her in such a situation. Last time she did so was 20th October, 2010, a day after my wedding anniversary. She came from college started an argument with my parents, and ran away with daughter around 8:00 PM. I went after her to look, but could not find her in the way. I immediately called her parents that she is on her way, and asked to intimate me once. My in laws did not bother to ask for what happened and why she has come alone late in night time. I repeatedly got calls from my mother in law to come and get her. However I denied, because I did not force any one to leave home, so she should come back on her own if she is willing.

      On 26th October, 2010, I explained my situation to my Aunt in Law (Ms Raj, a resident of Ram Nagar, Jaladhar), so that some solution could be found. On the same day Sonia’s parents left her to my home in my absence. As it was a day of Karbachauth, and Diwali was to follow in coming day, I backed up and did not intend to escalate the situation.

      As the days passed by, I was thinking that situation is getting calm, but I did not know, that something worse is being cooked at my in laws home. Message was passed on to the Ex Counsellor Mr Nant Ram Sarangal, my both brother in laws, my cousin Mr S. Lal that Sonia is being treated as a slave at her in laws home, and the mater should be resolved.

      My wife also puts question on my not maintaining sex relations with her, and questions my sexual ability. She also suspect my having extra marital affairs with some other woman.

      The matter is really getting worse, and I am afraid that my and my parents’ life is in danger, and we may be implicated in false cases of dowry/related matters. I request you to please do something to resolve the issue.

      Yours faithfully

      A. Kumar


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