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      My wife has filed a Domestic Violence case against me. We stayed together for just 4.5 months and after that she left me on grounds of being medically treated by her parents.

      i) she has also mentioned my mother as a respondent? Is this valid as per definition of the said act?

      ii) my father hardly stayed with us, but he is also being mentioned as a respondent. Can he being charged given that he never was a part of domestic household?

      iii) She has claimed a monthly maintenance of Rs.50000 and one time alimony of 1 crore. She is Msc, MPhil and was working before marriage. I know she is working even now, which she has hidden in her petition. So she has approached the court with “unclean hands”. I am sending her cheque every month of Rs 4000 but she is not accepting the courier (I have the courier receipts). What should I do so that I am not needed to pay her any maintenance? Should I file an RCR, so that if the decree goes in my favor, she wouldnot be able to claim maintenance?

      PS: I have many proofs to battle many of her false allegations in her petition but given the gender bias of the legal system, I am quite worried.

      Please assist.

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      Check http://mynation.net/docs/sitemap/ for the judgment regarding maintenance and also, educated/working women will not get any Alimony if she left her own.

      Under DV women is not respondent, same judgment also you can find above said link.

      on what basis she is asking that huge sum of amount as Alimony, has she said anywhere they gave u dowry or spent that much on her marriage ?

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