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      My self I.shaikh, resident of N#### west. My age is 19 years.I have completed in Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in good grades. I have enrolled in good degree engineering college. belong to a descent and hard-working family.

      I am falsely accused in a rape by my female friend. I had know this girl for a year. I have not contacted this girl for last 5 months. last week her parents visited my home with her daughter and confronted by parents that your son has raped our daughter. I have met her more than couple of time but we have not done anything wrong.

      Her father started to blackmail us to file a FIR or to marry his daughter. being from respected family we agreed. After few days he demanded the home as a settlement. we called for a meeting at neutral venue which he dint attend instead he filled a FIR. We were ready to get married but he chose to take it legally.

      Now case is with police, and i am completely disturbed. I dont know what should i do next. We have spoken to the lawyers. he said in this kind of case they will only listen to the girl and i dont stand a chance. I will get arrested and then investigation will happen. In that they will beat me.I am really afraid and I need help.

      Currently my phone and everything is off. My Family is supportive but we all are afraid.

      Waiting for positive response.

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      How old is she ?

      Have you had any sexual relation with her (Consented)

      Marriage is not joke or 3 hours movie, it life long for most of the Indians, unless wife is Feminists or member of NCW/WCD. why did you agreed so easily for marriage ?

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      Thank you for your reply.

      I dint had sexual relations with her, He age is 17years

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      My question is in 1st Place, why did you people agreed for the marriage so easily. When there is no relation between you both .

      other than their false allegations, if you marry a 17 year old you will be charged with Child marriage restrain Act 1929. along with many other CrPc and IPCs. so you can celebrate Honeymoon behind bar.

      What her Parents think, if you are forced to marry their Daughter, she will be happy in her marriage ? or its a Plan to swindle money in daughter name ?

      Get some proof that her parents forcing you to marry under age daughter, and report it to Police. if you report the Child marriage you can blackmail them in reverse.

      Let us know.

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