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      Hello all, i want to ask question on behalf of my friend

      He is ex party divorced and finally all false case i.e 498, 506,323, and DV etc were dismissed. He had so much expenses due to this, My Question is he can file a case of Defamation against ex-wife and in-laws as all allegation /charges on him were dismissed. And is there any chances to get compensation ? Is it worth it to spend time on this? or should he leave this?. thanks…

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      1. In any fight, one should be prepared for all sorts of possibilities

      2. A Lot depends on how the false 498a cases were dismissed ? on what grounds ? did the police support the girl and the court dismiss the police findings or did the police file a B report ? or what ?

      3. Still IF you find a good lawyer, and have a proper strategy you will definitely make a big splash

      4. why NOT attend regular weekly meetings at chennai, bangalore, mumbai, delhi, hyderabad or some active place and seek advise from seniors ?


Viewing 1 reply thread
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