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      As muslim husband, when divorce as per muslim law, what financial precaution related to property and bank balance in my acoount shall be observe. Can court ask to prove the bank balance in my account and properties.

      Presently, i lost job also, can i defend myself saying that i am jobless and could get minimum posssible maintenance for my two children.

      Please advice as i am under contineous threat from wife about false implications.



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      Religion will not comes anywhere in Maintenance; when she ask for it;

      Court do check you Bank Balance and Property if she give details to Bank. Even they can check If she know where you were working,Court can get emplyee details on that they can assess your assets. Even if you hide your money in swiss bank.

      Court will not check you lost your job or not, as educated and capable women is not getting maintenance, so court says your are educated and capable to earn. so you should provide support for your wife.

      Thats general trend of Indian courts.

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      Thanks for ur reply.

      So what the best procedure you suggest to be adopted regarding the Assets, both properties and bank balance.

      Shall i transfer properties and bank balance to my brothers or parents account.

      I am Nri-Please advice.



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      If you are jonbless, it is one of the ground to defend in your maintenance petition., if your wife is working it is best way to avoid maintenance,as per the circumstances you may defend as per the directions to your lawyer.

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Viewing 3 reply threads
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