Forced for Divorce (498a, 3,4 DP) & False Impotent.

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      My Case Details : 498a & 3,4 DP act in FIR & ( False Impotent in complaint ).

      Case FIR registered on all family members in 1st week of Oct 2018. The complaint filed in Aug 2018 and went for 4 counsellings in the month of Sept to
      wife hometown police station.

      Kindly suggest me how to fight n solve the case. How to keep defamation case on them.

      My wife has registered false 498 3/4 dp act. They included false statements provided 10 lakh cash n land property on me. Still, the investigation is going on. The wife family was poor n they don’t have anything.

      Married in April 2018. We never put family n stayed together. We stayed for only a total 3 days in FIL home and 3 days in my parent’s house.

      We haven’t taken any money or dowry from them. We only put all marriage n reception expenses.

      She forced me to get divorced at 1st month itself making false dowry harassment. She was rude n arrogant and habituated with more luxury life during her job time before marriage. Always she compares with rich people n movie scenes. I am getting less than 30k salary. Due to her rude nature, we haven’t done any sexual intercourse in those first 3 nights. Wife is having irregular menses OPD problem. She informed us. We came to know on the 2nd day of marriage. As she is having a problem, She and father in law spread the rumors as being impotent and unfit for marriage to get the divorce. We never stayed together. They mentally harassed by scolding n damaged reputation among my family relatives n office. They forced me to provide divorce and huge money to them.

      My family told the facts to their relatives n asked to cooperate with me. I tried to have physical relation with her but she denied. The matter went to relatives and mediators suggested both couples for medical tests. They forced me and have attended three different hospitals by father in law. I maintained patience n went with them for collecting evidence. It may help in court for their cruel nature.

      Topmost doctors endocrinologists done with all body tests and certified me as perfect and potent, strong and Fit for family life. I went to prove myself and to k ow about wife health issues. I don’t have any health issues. Father in law again forced me taken to a urologist and its also perfect and suggested for psychological n family counseling for both couples. She was absent for all medical tests. The psychological doctor in Hyderabad tested and informed that am fully perfect. The doctor told why she was not done with medical tests in previous hospitals. After forcing her from their relative’s side she came to psychologist n denied staying with me. Psychologist understood that she and father in law are doing nonsense for only harassing me and to get divorce easily. All reports in hospitals are done and certified. She told vague allegations and false dowry harassment on my mother. The doctor suggested going for a mutual divorce.

      The police know the complete story happened. Wife denied for her medical tests in the station and her family played many tricks to damage me and my family for demanding huge money for her 2nd marriage. Finally, they filed FIR.

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      Brother , I am also in same boat , facing false allegations of impotency. What happened to your case , did she file for divorce ? What were court directions in ur case?

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