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      We both are Hindu and Australian Citizen got engaged in Brisbane and went to India and got married in Delhi on 8th Sept 2008 and stayed in family home 4 days left for Honeymoon in Malaysia on 12th Sept 08 and than came back to Sydney on 22 Sept 2008.

      The girl was from starting living & supporting her family left for Brisbane and didn’t come back as agreed.

      She didn’t come to live untill June 2009 (after 9 months) that too after taking a career break from job of 3 months with a intention of going back in Oct 2009 and didn’t allow us to register marriage in Australia.

      Since her moved her mother had to leave the place and move in with her bother in shared accommodation one room he has been unemployed since 2 years and they all wanted me to keep everyone under one roof which i didnt agree although was willing to support.

      I invited my parents to come in to visit in OCT and they stayed with us for a month had a great time have pictures and video to prove before leaving to live my brother in Melbourne.

      During this time the girls mother & brother suddenly made a plan for going back to India to find a job and without telling me filed my wife’s visa for India.

      She suddenly left for India and lodged a complaint against my family in India & myself with police for Dowry and Domestic violence and came back to Brisbane on 26th Feb 2010 and is now working there.

      The girl has been working in Brisbane since than and is living there has changed her contact number and i don’t have any details of her.

      My parents received notice to appear and inspector emailed me as there are here with me presently the family has not contaced us till date even the girls friend a re shocked with everything and have been helping me reconcile all in vain. .

      I am completely baffled as i have not done anything wrong neither my parents they don’t even known the girl properly as they lived with her in India for 4 days.

      What do i do please help me ? Her mother is India and creating the issue ? she herself is Australian Citizen and is going to the police station to pursue .

      We both are not Indian citizen no dowry was ever exchanged all of us before and after marriage been living in Australia.

      How can the police entertain this complaint if the girl had grievances why did she not raise anything here where we belong …it’s was all planned to extort money !!

      What can i do to protect my parents they are senior citizen and not healthy ……..we both are now living in Australia separately since Jan 2010….Please help

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      Refer this judgment so you will get knowledge how to counter this.

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      As per the facts of your case your wife is not willing to stay with you, so it is better to file divorce petition & be free from her. In respect of her criminal complaint move for anticipatory bail .

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