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      As per the instructions received, we are are explaining our concerns and problems here. Please help us in solving this problem.

      My name is Uma maheshwari.V.pile, residing at 604, sachapir street, camp, pune-411001, MA.

      I am writing this letter to you because there is nobody who is ready to help me and my family, not even the police as i don’t have finance to pay them. I don’t know weather I am right or wrong by approaching you, but I have a faith that if not help atleast I will get some proper guidance from you.

      I will give you a brief history of what has happened. The property that I reside in is an ancestral property which is more than 160yrs old. My great grandfather constructed 2 temples which my father Mr.VijayKumar.R.Pile, renovated in 1990 with his own finance and strength. In this property only the main structure belongs to the trust which my father formed long back, not even the land below the structure belongs to the trust. The rest of the entire property is a private land for which my father paid the free hold amt and we have got all our plans sanctioned by the President of India. After this sanction, our trustees went to the court stating that,”Mr.VijayKumar.R.Pile, is the Hereditary trustee, Manager and land Owner, so we are the trustees so we also become the land owner”. This claim was rejected by the Civil court (1733/99), & Dist Court (527/2000).Then they withdraw the matter & filed a case in Dist.Court challenging the UNION OF INDIA & OTHERS. This matter was sent to the small cause court by the Dist. Court after taking the complete evidence just to pass the ORDERS on the evidences. However in 2004, the small cause judge Mr.Potdar passed orders, rejecting that ownership rights cannot be given as they are not HOR, but gave occupancy rights on the property(“.He was well aware of the orders passed by JCC in Appeal No.26/91 stating that the trust is only the SUPER STRUCTURE OF SHITHALADEVI TEMPLE & NOT THE LAND BENEATH IT AS THE LAND BELONGS TO THE CENTRAL GOVT.”). To challenge this wrong decision we approached the HON.HIGH COURT, Mumbai in 2004 and there is a stay order from the court for both the parties, TO MAINTAIN STATUS-QUO till the finalization of the matter on 13th Feb, 2007, not to do any changes in the records, not to do alterations/ constructions except any emergency repairs by both the parties.

      As far as I understand if there is a stay order from the HON.HIGH COURT, no change can be done on the said property or in the records. But out of the 4 trustees against my father 3 of them expired. The last left one SADASHIVAM OF SHIVA ELEVATORS has forcefully added 2 other people as member on the board but not on papers which is done after the stay order, so this is illegal as was done against the HON.HIGH COURT.

      Now on our private land (FREE HOLD AMOUNT PAID TO THE GOVT. OF INDIA THROUGH THE D.E.O). they (the trustee and members) do any kind of renovations in name of repairs; however they are not permitted to do so as it is not a trust property.

      The CEO of Cantonment board KOSHI RACHEL gave a letter on 22/11/2010 to the trustee as “your plans are been rejected as you are not the HOR of the said property” but on 10/03/2011, the same CEO of Cantonment board gave an permission to them to do minor repairs like tiling, plastering and painting of the toilets and washrooms which we use on a daily basis. We did approach the Police, they said,” it is a civil matter we can’t do anything”. But on the other hand where they have got permission to do the above mentioned activities they did totally a new construction by demolishing the old one. A complete reconstruction was done which is again against the permission CEO of Cantonment board. However even after knowing that what they are doing is completely illegal, nobody takes any action as we don’t have finance to give them.

      All our hopes have gone away from the law, police or any authorized person who can stop this. They are using the finance of the trust to do all this or to give any one related to this. But since we are practically staying here on a day- to-day basis, these people create some sort of problems for us and given mental and physical torcher.Now i am helpless as illegal work is been supported. there is no value for legal or honesty.

      Now they have demolished the structure, we reported it to the cantonment board, but no action has been taken, no one even bothered to come and take a look at it.Even the police or the DCP does not do anything.What is the use of we having a record for 4 generations in our name when any one can enter our property and do anything.

      Now, currently they have come to our area which we (me and my family) use for daily basic needs.They enters the place where we sleep, have shower, changing room etc without our permission. They don’t see what we are doing and just enter the room.More over in the name of RENOVATION of the temple (which they are not authorised for) they have called labours to work from south and made them stay in our place which we use to stay even after not giving them permission to do so.They have done this forcefully.Me and my mother are suffering day in and day out due to their acts as their interference in always there.They have moved our things and adjusted them according to their requirement in our place and this is causing a lot of physical and mental pressure on us. Can we expect any kind of help atleast for tourchering us mentally and physically every day.They come and sit everyday over here from morning till night with a group of people.

      I am approaching you with a hope that you can do something for me and my family.If you can contact me please contact me on 020-266331180 or +91-9673196609, my father’s number is +919561146598.

      Thanking you

      Uma maheshwari.V.Pile

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      I have gone through your matter, you may approach us.

      9821387099, 9224799546

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