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      I am 31 year old working female in distress caused by my in-laws, I seek your advice at the course of action I should take in the given situation or what are my rights how I can get them.

      It’s a dispute on the residential premises as well the shops. Kindly advice.

      Background: I am married for the last 8-years and live in the family house of my husband with my mother-in law and her maternal grand daughter, this premise was a rented accommodation for the past 50 years. I have always faced mental and verbal torture and harassment from my in laws, my 3-sister –in laws along with spouses (Husband’s sisters) and 1- brother –in law(husband’s brother) comes to this house and abuses and mentally harass me.

      From the last year, the landlord of this house wanted to sell the property, so I went over to the landlord and made full payment to buy the house and the landlord promised me that he will register the house in my name.

      But my-in laws went to the landlord with malafide intentions and warned/threatened him not to execute the registry of the house in my name. The landlord started harassing me and refused to register the said property in my name. Subsequently, I had to file a case in the honorable High Court of Delhi for redress of my dispute with the landlord. The Honourable court of Justice Ravindra Jain Bhat instructed the landlord to execute the registry in my name. So after a year, last month the registry was executed in my name.

      Since the last year my brother-in-laws have been registering false complaints (2) with the police against my husband. The police inquired about the accusations and found that they were false. (I have a copy of it).

      Ist complaint: that my husband had sent some goons to threaten his brother with knives and hockey.

      IInd complaint: Its related to the two shops left by my late father-in-law. My brother-in-law stealthily got the property transferred in the wakf board record in his name (says that he is the sole owner of he first shop and the second shop has share off all the members in family). So when he got the first shop in his name he threw out all the stuff of my husband from the shop on the road and went and filed a police complaint against husband.

      After the registry on July 31, 2009 in my name my brother-in law assembled with all his sisters and their spouses at my home and called the police on September 5, 2009 where he broke the crockery etc. belonging to his mother and called the police accused me that I am pushing my mother-in law out of the of the house and in that process I have broken the crockery and created a scene. All my sister-in laws with their spouses were present there and got there false IIIrd complaint registered with the police officer who came over to our home from the nearest Thana.

      Now, my brother-in law again has registered a IVth police complaint against the car that I drive to the office. He has registered that my car is a stolen vehicle, although its duly registered in my cousin’s name who has given it to me for my convenience.

      My in- laws are orally and mentally always torturing me. This has become a constant feature at the home my brother-in law doesn’t even reside here but claims in all the government record as if he is the resident of my house. He got his and his family’s passport made on my property. His car is registered on this address, there is landline phone connection in his name, his name is in the voter’s ID list which is false as he and his family is living in another house which is in the name of his wife Kohinoor Appartment, since 2004.

      I have no peace. Every Saturday the whole family assembles in the house and abuses me and my parents which obviously leads to tension and stress on my mind. My in-laws have made life difficult for me.

      My queries:

      1. Why are the police harassing us on every false/frivolous complaint he is filing against me and my husband? Is there an end possible to the trauma he is inflicting on me.

      2. What action can I take against my in-laws, brother –in law to put an end to the chaos they have created for me?

      3. I also want to get all the IDs of my brother-in-law removed from my property. So, what should I do?

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      You can file Domestic violence on male members of In-Laws.

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