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      Res Sir, I have married in 2008 with Muslim tradition. My wife has converted in my religion before marriage. Till her mother alive all things were ok. She dislike my relatives hence my relatives did not came to my house even my mother, brother etc.

      After her(wifes mother) mother’s death, the problem arrives. She while listening to her relatives refused to stay with me & even forcing me to change my religion & become Ghar-damad. Also they are harassing me, torching me, they have taken money from me, even they have bitten me. My wife claims that she is no more muslim & she has other husband. They have illegal liquor business hence they are putting pressure from police on me. Now they are threatening me to kill & taking position of our house which we bought via taking loan. Kindly suggest me is their any right for me? as their are many right for female bias laws. I & my family has tried everything to communicate with her & make her understand but nothing has worked. Because of all this i have lost my job, & social life has gone in hell. Request you to kindly suggest, awaiting your revert on my mail. Now they have filed suit against me under CRPC125 & asking for 20k permonth. I have filed several complaints against her & her family but their is no improvement or help i have got from police.

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      If you have filled case and Police is not taking any action then you can ask Police about its status with RTI and they have to answer.

      still if they did not taken any action with your proof you can approcj higher Authority of Police.

      If you married as per islamic rits you can give talaq. and if you have proof of her 2nd husband you can sue her too.

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      Dear friend,

      if all are the true facts as you have stated, then it is proved that your wife is trying to extort to you & your family, if so, it comes to know that she is not willing to continue her matrimonial relations with you, it may be under the influence of her parents. It will be better to you to get free from her & you file divorce petition , & protect your self by taking advantage of anticipatory bail. You have no need to be worry. 9821387099, 9224799546

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      Sir, My wife has filed CRPC125 in family court at pune, & our counsellings are going on. She has filled a WS while stating that she is Cristian & marriage date is 7/1/2008, however our marriage date is 6/1/2008 & it was NIkah. The Kazi sermonized our marriage. My Lawyer asked me to file case for challenging the marriage under islamic sharia. Also let me know that have bought house before marriage on loan. still Home Loan installments are going on. Some are saying to sell the house as my wife can ask for the possession for the same. But i happen to read Uttarakhand High court judgment as IF wife desert husband with out reasonable cause then she is not entitle for maintenance. Request you to kindly support with some citations from Supreme Court for the same. (9325536026)

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      Please check for judgments

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      Thank you for valuable link which was shared by you. Also small query as my wife is residing at her parental house, as her parent were residing their since last 40 years but now they have transfer their house on her sisters son’s name. Also the Liquor business is run from the same residence. I am not employed now. Is their any chances of interim maintenance by family Court? & while filing 125 she has claimed that she is catholic not muslim? in these circumstances how to deal with the situation & what to do the next.

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      Indian law do not count you are employed or not they just order intrim. religion change you can counter only in Divorce, there is no option in maintenance to deny it.

      You can show her share in property and business.

      under what rites you got married to her. ?

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      We got married as per Muslim tradition under Sunni law. & while registered in court it was Rule-13 under Special marriage act. Also at the time of counseling the statement was registered by me as I am ready to take her home. She has denied to stay. Also They had admitted that she has not converted her religion. However at the time of marriage she converted her religion. The witness & Kazi has witnessed the same. Now should i directly file divorce petition or should i challenge marriage as Voidable? Also have gifted home to my brother. the same deed was made by my lawyer.

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      Muslim can marry PEOPLE OF THE BOOK, no need to convert.

      do you have any proof of her convertion ? then you if you have her statment saying she is not converted then you can counter and same will help to fight divorce too.

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      I have her conversion statement also before marriage Kazi did the conversion formality in front of her & my family members. After which we applied for election Card which also states she is muslim. Now while filing CRPC125 she has stated that she is non-muslim.

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      Section 340 (Cr PC) Criminal Procedure Code can act as an effective tool to counter such false statements/allegations.

      You can her to submit for her claim, if she submit somehting then you can file case aginst whoever file false documents or give false evidence in the Court of Law

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      Dear Sir,

      Thank you for advise, as we have another date on 21/2/2011 for counseling say, before that will take the further action which has been guided by you with my Lawyers help. Thank you again. Will keep you posted & updated about the proceedings & taking your guidance.

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      As mentioned by you my wife has confirmed in frount of Counceller that they have Liqure Business, Marraige was as per muslim & she was muslim, Also she has deserted my house as per her will. My lawyer has filed a suit against her under Sec29 of Shariyat law for Conhugal Right. Request you to kindly support the further proceding so the matter can be clear.

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      Res All,

      Please support me with any citation of Supreme court on CRPC125 which has judgement on 1) Desertion leads to divorce, 2) Conversion of other cast leads to dismissal of CRPC125 or divorce. if any one has any judgement relevant to this then kindly support.

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      SIR..iam SANDEEP PATIL.28 yrs old..

      sir i was married 2 years ago.and i have a 1 yr baby.and after getting married iam not happy with my married life..becoz my wife and her family members is always fighting with me and my family members and always torture us for dowry act.and tell as that they will complaint in womens police..and sir we are we have no option wat to do..we refer local police also but local police ignore us and said that this is not our matter this is ur family matter.solve it in ur home..and “”after heard this news we refer local police””…today my wife’s brothers and other members come to my home and beat my parents and me.. and now todays tradegy.. sir we have no option wat to wife is not taking divorce also..she demanding money.and telling us.. otherwise i will complaint in womens police for demanding of sir please suggest me wat to do..sir iam basically frm bhopal..sir is there any domestic violence court for mens in bhopal.??.sir kindly request to u. help me out frm this problm..thanking u




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      Hey Sandeep,

      Do not worry… if possible please call me on my number for further discussion. The things which you have mention if these are correct then ask your family members to lodge a complaint against them. Also take the copy of the same.

      Advt Khan:7875604819

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      Hello sir,

      With ref to my case in family court for CRPC125, my wife & her advocate submitted application U/S24 for interim maintainance, as far as my advocate submit that 24 is under Hindu law & i am muslim. Kindly help me further so even i can help my advocate & can also aware about the proceedings.

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      application of maintenance u/s 24 of HMA will not applies to her, she has to appeal under Nafqah or crpc125

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      read this

      you can browse more details here

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      HI SIr,

      Thank you for support & guidance…one more thing as i mentioned my wife has filed application under sec 24 for interim maintainance. & also i have not yet divorced her nor i have married with other female. Also i have shown my willingness to cohabit with her. Kindly suggest how to take this forward.

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      No need to Divorce, Even she is with you she can ask for maitenance. logically its wrong but in india women can do that legally.

      File for conjugal rights, asking her to come back, let her answer that, with that you can counter her maintenance demand.

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      hank you fr all your guidance, My lawyer told 3 months before that if i file conjugal right still under crpc125 my wife can claim maintenance. i shall keep you posted the further improvement.i shall speak with my lawyer & take if forward.

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      Hello Sir, This is to inform you that my wife has withdrawn her suit & she has asked for Khulla Nama, which has happened in the last week. Also we have filed application under sec-28 for divorce under mutual consent. As her advocate & herself were unable to prove any allegation also the documentary evidence was not their. My documentary evidence was considered by hon’ble court. So before it was late they have asked for Khulla.

      Thank you for all your guidance & support.

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      Best of luck.

      make it sure everything is documented and clear

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      after 10 days of my marriage held on 14th May 2011, I realised that my wife is not a woman that I would look for in a partner. She doesnot respect me, She had told lies related to her marks before marriage, She doesnot want to stay with my parents. Keeps on lying and argumenting. She told me about her Ex-Boyfriend. Never respects my parents and me. Now threatning that she will file a divorce case againts me. but I cannot continue living with her. kindly help?? What should I do?

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      for 1 year she cannt file for Divorce.

      meanwhile you can collect all her illtreatment in evidence so that you can use in her maintenance demand, let her go for divorce,

      Your parents/mother/sisters can file Dv on her if she is harassing them.

      find similar one here which you can use as supporting judgment.

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      Sorry sir, I got confused. She is not threatning for divorce. she is threatning for Dowery case. me & my family doesnot want the girl back in our family. she is staying at her parents’ home from last 20 days. She has tortured us a lot. she had illtreated my parents. she is ready to come back only on the condition that I leave my parents, but now i cant live wid her. now her parents r threatning to us that either we take the girl back or they will file dowery case against me & my family. or they have given us an aoption for out-of-the court settlement and they have asked for Rs 30 Lakhs from us, and then the girl will not come to our home. sir we r helpless and frustated. plz advice. Now I wana divorce and wana get rid of her.

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      If a women want to file Dowry case on you, no matter what you do, and how much money you give, still she can file the case.

      Report it to Police she left her own, keep it documented. signed by police, that you reported.

      then after that if they file you can ask police to do investigation properly.

      dont affraid, find our local member numbers and talk to them; Attend weekly meetings if its nearby.

      they will guide you.

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