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      My brother got married in the year 2008, but they had problems from day one, becos of the females attitude and her past.

      it became worst before six months and she left our house went to her parents house, they filed harrasment case against the whole family.

      We have taken the bails, but i am not sure what to do, becos we all are settled out of india, and only my old parents are at home.

      We cant control the situation, we have hired a lawyer,

      In the harrasment complant she has mentioned that the whole family tried to strangle her neck and she has problem in neck ( Actually she had problem in neck or spinal cord, we took her to doctors but we dont have any proof of that), secondly she broke her knee while she was in kitchen, but mentioned in complaint that we pushed her from the stairs and her leg was broken.

      What should we do know, please consult.


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      Dude you could be in danger….this law even can put your old parents behind the bars….

      just dont keep quite and dont be scared too.

      hire a good lawyer.

      and try to collect proofs for your innocence coz you will have to prove your innocence.

      I am just 25 yr old and just engaged to a girl i refused the girl to merry becoz of her nature and she filed a case of dowry on me.

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      Dear friend file divorce petition is & be free from your wife, if she lodged complaint try to quash the same before High Court. http://www.jaihindlegal.com 9821387099, 9224799546

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