Harrassing and Threatning my sister's fiancee..Please help

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      My sister was working in gujrat and there she met a family, family member liked her and boy in family fall in love with her. They came with marriage proposal but due to disssimilarity in all aspect (Age/religion/astrology..) my parents reljcted it. Later my sister stoped all communication with that boy.

      Now my sister is engaged with goodman and whole heartely both want to marry each other. The earlier boy tried to constantly make contact with my sister but failed so now he calls/texts her fiancee and harrasses him with all fake stories and proof. He is threatning to commit sucide if engagement in not broken.

      My sister fiancee is deeply hurt and told us about it but assured us that he will stay in marriage.

      My parents spoke to boy’S parents and they assured us that they will talk to their son but nothing helped. we talking to the boy and gave him warning as well. This boy is now creating fake email ids with my sister’s name and contacting my relative and telling them bad about my sister.

      He is missuing my sisters name and creating her Orkut accounts and sending her photos that were taken when she visited their house. He even trying to generate fake marrige certificate and threating to send to all relatives. My sister’s fiancee is now saying that this boy should be stoped then only marriage can be progressed.

      My family is all distrubed and going to bad time we are worried and are deeply tensed..Please suggest what to do?

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      Dear Friend, i have gone through your matter. You may ask to your sister to file criminal complaint against the said boy to the concerned police station and also before the Cyber Cell. He will be restrained from his illegal activities by the police.

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