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      I am 28 yrs old a heart attack patient stayng in Gwalior(M.P).

      I got married on 25th Nov 2007. I am an MBA post graduate and use to work at that time as a Manager in Bank. My father is a retired gazatted officer in State Govt. My marriage was a arrange marriage and i was fixed by my father as my mother do not stay with us who is second wife of my father after fathers first wife died. I donot know about my relation with her as she pefer to stay with her daughters.

      On first night I discovered that my wife is not virgin and to hide this she pretended to be innocent but later she realised that I had found that. We went to sleep normally and I was woken up by her in morning. She pushed me to wake me up on this I objected and she started screaming that what has happened. On argument she opened the door and ran outside claming that I am beating her. My relatives were all there and they all asked me what happened on this when I said she misbehaved she started crying and said how can this be possible I am new to this place and u all started misbehaving with her. All the people there held me responsibile for misbehaving and scolded me. After this things moved up smoothly for 1-2 months when my wifes attitude started changing again. she stoped normal house work and started demanding movement away from home. I being sole son of my father objected on which she started creating scenes and to our surprise her parents were there in 10 min although they stay far away in another town. After this there parents stayed at our house for nearly 1 month and this continued after regular interval. During this time my In-Laws started pressurising me to get the fathers property transferred in my wifes name. They even got a local person who can get the house trasferred illegally. On this I objected which resulted into physical abuse by in laws and also accusing me of beating there daughter. They then started calling there relatives also at our house and use to stay for long. On realising there bad intention I objected firmly which resulted into family feuds. In between this my wife had miscarriage twise in presence of her mother’s stay at our home. They started calling there relative to threaten me which made me highly upset and frustrated. Due to this I was mentally harrashed and had to leave my job. Because of all this I had a major heart attack on 7th June which lasted for 1 day leaving me with a blockage in main arota of 60-70% due to blood clotting. Doctors suggested me for an operation but I prefered to be cured by medicine and precaution. My In-Laws even after doctors advise that I should be kept away from stress they kept mentally and physically abusing me. I carry a life cover of 20 lakhs in my name with my wife as nominee. On this I completely stopped there enterance at my home as they also started harrasing my fathers by local goons. Few days back they again came and physically mishandeled me. On this I gave an application in local police station regarding this. Next day they again came to our home and on which I called police at our residence. Realising that I had made a complaint they took there daughter with them and next day they loged a complaint in SP office stating that I physically manhandaled my wife and torture her for dowary. Pls suggest what step shoul I take now to this and I want to stay alive which is not possible by there presence. My wife is completely under influence of my In-Laws.

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      I think they are after your wealth and your death is gain for them.

      Make a WILL of your assets in the trusted person name get it dully signed by witness and lawyer.

      If you are a Hindu also refer The Hindu Succession Act, 1956.

      If they wrote in their FIR that they gave dowry you can easily counter them for giving dowry, as under IPC 498A, giving dowry also crime equal to taking it.

      Find a good criminal Lawyer, he knows how to counter the word “physically manhandaled” as girl side has to prove with medical or some other way how she was physically manhandaled.

      refer http://mynation.net/docs/ for judgments where it says daily “tutu meme” [ Ordinary wear and Tear is not Cruelty ]

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