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      Name: Pamidimukkala Srinivasa Rao,

      Father Name : Samba Siva Rao,

      Mother Name : Sarala Devi,

      Address: Vellaturu (village),Bhattiprolu (MD),Guntur (D.t)

      DOB : 17-07-1979 (31 years)

      Occupation : Software Engineer,

      Working Company: Miw Systems SDN BHD, Malaysia.

      Marrage date : 18-04-2008 at takkellapadu, pedakakani (MD),Guntur (dt).

      Spouse Name : Vasantha Lakshmi.

      Spouse Father Name: Nandi Pati Samba siva rao,

      Mother Name : Nirmala Devi,

      DOB: 02-02-1980,

      Working Company : IGATE , Singapore.

      Cast: Hindu (Kamma)

      As on 18 February 2008 first we met on online at that time I am in Malaysia. She is in India with their parents she came on leave. They only approached us. She only first asked me about have u seen my photo. Have u liked my photo. I said I never consider about look and feel but I need good hearted life partner after that I ask about have u seen my profile and have u satisfied and have u check my qualifications and all the necessary things . On March 2nd she came to Singapore and she only started chatting with me and daily around 10 hours keep in touch with me via chatting and voice chat as well as at least on mobile phone. All calls made by her only till I accept the match she chases me like anything. Previously around 10 to 15 matches refused for her. On our conversion I noticed that she don’t have any interest to do marriage. But she expressed me she like my profile and attitude and everything so she is willing to marry both of us. So our parents accepted our marriage and decided on 18-04-2010. I came back to India on 07-04-2008. She came to India on 10-04-2008. Till that time and even few hours before to marriage also she called me and communicates both of us. Everybody wondered doing like that. Till 27-04-2008 we are in India only. After marriage we went to tirupati with their family only. That time they are very happy while return from tirupati she got confirmation that the documents are ready to go to Singapore. Their company people only get the documents. I never ask to get the Singapore visa also. She only asked me to be there at Singapore for better feature. Many times I informed that based on my education where ever I get good life I will be stay that place only. She also accepts for that. We spent only one night in vellaturu (My home place). Without intimating one day suddently at 11pm she came on to my bed and she says today our first night without having any notice/ any decoration on the room. Till previous day their family members slept beside to cot. So how I can have the feel to do participate in that event. So from that day onwards she started giving trouble can we get baby or not at that time I don’t what is her intension. Before marriage only I asked if u interested only continue with me. As on 27-04-2010 we plan to go to Singapore. For that she only gave the address of the company to collect the documents. After receiving the documents on the travel date itself we found that the visa paper missing in that only ticket has sent to us. But she says I have all the evedences to prove it without having the visa paper also. The same thing she explained at Hyderabad airport and started from Hyderabad to Singapore. Once we reach over there immigration people rejected to enter into country and I don’t know what she explain to the immigration office how many times I ask them also they say what to do we already inform to u r spouse so contact her. Even her manager (Rajani) came on the same flight she also given permission to go back to India and resolve the issue. But she never came to India. The same day I return back from Singapore to chenni. With in that period only her parent started attack on us instead of giving the moral support they given bad words on my parents and to know the status of me my brother in law wants to talk with my wife his father says my brother in law can’t talk with her. But she can talk with any other guys and stay in the room also doesn’t have any problem. After that again I went to chenni embassy for Singapore single entry visa I got that and again on 09-05-2008 I went to Singapore from chenni same result I got from them. They say we again informed to your wife what to do next. So I don’t know what she convey them or what she wants to do also. She asked me to wait for 5 weeks I will do some process at Singapore ICA. As on her work I waited 5 weeks more she finally says can’t get the visa. Till that time daily she speak with me daily 2 – 3 hours even if I say I have work she fight with me different method by saying u like u r parents that’s why you are with your parents like several kinds of cheap tricks played on me. Even thought I felt may be we don’t have much time live together may be due to that only this kind of problems occurred. I thought if I went over there I can get the situation into under control. On august 2008 3rd week I got the valid visit visa for Malaysia 1 year and for Singapore 1 month. I went to Malaysia from chenni on 06-09-2008. After that from Malaysia I went to Singapore on 09-09-2008 via train. I can enter the country without having any problem. Once I reach there after 2 days again she started our company wants to dependent visa I will try my level best. On that day still I am attending the interviews. So I need to accept for that to give my passport scanned copies. She tried and again she says this time also rejected. Within few days only I got the job but for visa they says due to previous visa (dependent visa) got problem we can’t proceed. I couldn’t understand she only wontedly done the things or not. Mean while on 4rd week of September with our intimating she took her friend and went to hospital and she says I am got be a mother. That day itself I told her now we are not yet settled wait for few days now I don’t have any interest to proceed to having baby. The same words she informed to all our / their family members also. Finally she says my father says with our property we can easily survive so no need to worry for that I am not willing to lose my child. For that I never say anything. After few days we went to hospital and she Get all the contacts and everything related to hospital. I don’t Understood within 4 weeks time can we see baby changes through scanning. In between one day we went to shopping just to take a bit of gold for the festival of deevali. I don’t know she wants to use sanjay credit card to purchase the gold. She ask me at the shop have u like this jewelry I said I like another model I said any way up to u r wish. Once we come from the shop we both have the argument on that the same issue know by his father. He also supported her daughter. Only the thing I told her is I don’t like to purchase on the others credit card. May be her father and she like to have the transactions with sanjay . One day we went sanjays house for a party that day I got the information from sanjay she stayed few months with sanjay and other friends. But before marriage on our conversation she says she lived as a paying guest at one family house. So I asked her why u told me the wrong information to me. Sanjay also married person without having the wife with him. As I got the information their family also not in a correct way. So want we need to think for this issue on that time as a human? One more thing after marriage within 2 months only her mangalsutram has broken and without intimating she change the ornament. None of the persons see the original broken ornament. And I never seen she wears the managalsutram also. Short period only I get to know all the ornaments given by me has changed and take new ones. One more thing she always compare with siva (one of the team lead) in her company. Always explained he will do like this like that. He also married person separated from wife. One day night around 11:30 pm she got the missed call for her. We are in some other busy. From that place she left and calls to him and speak with him around 45 mins. For that I said I don’t like such kind of things doing after 9pm. She says he is my student he got the job I am enquiring about all other friends. She had 2 more friends in India which they are friends at the time of MCA. Their names are srinu & danunjay. With them only she shares all her family issues and all the other matters also. I don’t have any problem with her. Now also I don’t have any problem with her. Even thought all these happen also her father asking about what happen in Singapore. Recorded voice also available for this. If I say all these things in front of everybody don’t want to spoil the life. That’s where the problem comes to me. On November 8th 2008 I came back to Malaysia to my room at Malaysia. From the first day onwards she starts chasing me that she will come back to India in Malaysia we don’t have the good feature. Without going back to India she will die and some other ways she finally convenes me to return back to India as on December 4th 2008 I have to come back to India. Till that time she talks with me nicely. Even she took my hand ring and bracelet also from me that also with big fight only she takes from me. Once I come back to India 3- 4 days she talks nicely. Still I am trying to get the problem to resolve in Singapore I get a contact with one advocate at Singapore. When I am in Malaysia I spoke her and given my wife’s contact number if in any emergency she can handle. What my wife told to her also don’t know how she managed the advocate finally after 6 weeks she also says I can’t complete this case I will return the money to u. on 18th December 2008 she explained me my father give secured life for me and if u want to have anything to talk with me ask my father. Whatever my father says I will do. Her mother promise me to get her daughter to India shortly she says take a home in Bangalore send her to Bangalore. I believed her mother words also. I don’t like his way of speaking and also I never comment on his way of approach. She blamed my mother only the cause for that in front everybody she given the wrong information. Finally her father say don’t have any wrong with their side. If they don’t have any problem why they hide from asking or come forward. For everything I have the proofs to have proved myself. We came from the good family background don’t want to spoil our family reputation. For that reason only I ask several times when she can join with me for better feature. I don’t get any response. After baby born 3 days she called me and asks for Passport of mine I don’t have any problem to give it but as per the previous conversation I felt not proper about it. So I refuse to give the passport. She is willing to spoil my passport also hope so. But she finally gets my surname for child. I ask even the baby photos if the baby is my real baby what she have a problem. After that twice I called her. But I don’t get valid response from her side. I want to resolve this matter so that we don’t have any problem for anybody.

      My India working period details,

      From June 2009 to January 2010.

      NIIT India PVT ltd,

      Position : Technical Co-ordinator.

      My current office address:

      From January 2010 to till date.


      Occupation : Software Engineer.

      Vasantha Lakshmi.

      One more question Can she / her parents put against me any legal proceedings without having interaction between both of us from 2 years.

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      In india anyhting is possible, even she can file case against your freinds who she never met or seen, forget parents or relatives.

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      I think your wife is trying to become wise, u r nothing but one of the emotional fool before her, but u do not worry, u may sue against her for her activities & for damages. If she file false criminal cases , we may defend the same sucessfully, no need to bother the same. 9821387099, 9224799546

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