Help Needed for C.B.I. inquiry in case of Child Abortion racket run by some dr.

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      Dear Concern,

      Subject: Request for C.B.I. inquiry in case of “False Dowry and Child Abortion” racket run by some Doctors.

      My wife has charged me that she has suddenly comes to know in May 2010 having 3 months pregnancy.

      She fielded a F.I.R. On 16th Aug 2010 that ten people gathered from different location came at a place on 9th July 2010 mid night (38 days before) and beaten her and thrown her in morning near at her father’s house and in evening again taken her from her father’s house and has done her “abortion”. According to Dr. pregnant child was dead already.

      Police arrested me with out any investigation and I was sentenced to jail for 45 days. Now I am on bail.

      No name of Dr. has mentioned in F.I.R. and when asking she replied that she doesn’t remember the name of the hospital and when I will recall that will inform.

      Also why there was delay in F.I.R. she has asked that? This was delayed since she was on bed rest.

      Later she shown two medical in court, one was district hospital medical certificate mentioned 6 simple wounds examined time is 1:55 P.M. No police information has given that time.

      And second was examined by private hospital after 5 hours at 7.00 P.M. mentioned that “Incomplete abortion” with D and C (Dilation and Curettage) has done.

      Also no police information has given that time.

      i.e. she has shown 2 medical certificate of a same day during 5 hours difference time made on 10th July 2010.

      In jail I meet with another victim’s family was sentenced there since last 4 months having same case. His “Opposition Lawyer and private Dr.” who’s made the pregnancy certificate was the same person those were in my case.

      His case has used as a prototype model in my case.

      My in-law’s is Government supplier of medicine in District hospital Moradabad and also in District Jail Moradabad.

      Dr. who’s made “abortion certificate” is the wife of Deputy C.M.O. of District Rampur running private hospital in Moradabad.

      Whole F.I.R. has written on the base of she is “handicap by one eye” but she having only SQUINT (bhengapan) in her one eye. Although in marriage advertisement she hides this fact. (I have that proof).

      How police has arrested my uncle 72 years old person having “Heart Disease and Filaria Disease” who was living separately since last 40 years?

      On the basis of my Citizen’s rights and the question for life of 10 people. Including them three people are senior citizens and three people are ladies.

      I demand the C.B.I. Inquiry in this case and also on those Hospitals and Doctors those pave a way for mental harassment of innocent families. Otherwise there is no meaning of survive of all us.

      Looking for your kind attention.


      Rachit Jain

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      Please Contact our Noida or Delhi Helpline

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