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      I got an order in my favor in Additional Family Court, Hyderabad in I.A. No.89 of 2011 in O.P. No.326 of 2007 and Petition No. 1005 of 2011 Stating that the case filed doesn’t come under jurisdiction. she then went and approached supreme court and got the following order. Can someone tell me what must me my next move and can someone suggest a good lawyer at Supreme Court.

      Supreme court: Status of : Special Leave Petition (Civil) 31777 Of 2011

      O R D E R

      Issue notice returnable in ten weeks.

      Issue notice on the petitioner’s prayer for interim relief.

      Dasti, in addition. In the meanwhile, operation of order dated 1.3.2011 passed by Additional Family Court, Nampally, Hyderabad in I.A. No.89 of 2011 in O.P. No.326 of 2007 and order dated

      05.08.2011 passed by the learned Single Judge of the High Court in Civil Revision Petition No. 1005 of 2011 shall remain stayed.

      It shall be the petitioner’s duty to serve the respondent before the next date of hearing failing which the interim order passed today shall stand automatically vacated.



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      tell us details of matter you filled;

      we dont want case number.

      jurisdiction of what case.

      interim relief of what

      explain little more.

      we dont recomend any lawyers, he may be not good in your situation, so we dont want that blame later.

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