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      Dear moderator and administrator i would like you to please atleast check on the content of the posts that the members of this community post. I am really disappointed that people here are calling a girl’s parents as fools. The parents money as haram or halal…or whatever and they are abusing me literally with offensive words and remarks. One guy even called me …’BIT..”. If this has to continue….i would like to close my both the subscriptions because i have already got my justice and i thought i would clear and help others tooo but i guess i m wrong. I would never recommend this site to anybody now. I am not happy with the responses here. Unlike other sites this site doesn’t even provide option of Reporting abuse. I am happy with the other sites then.

      Thank God i hopefully got my justice in the real world which have real sense otherwise i would have got badly screwed up if i would have taken the answers and rejections from this site to heart. Thank God i came to knw about this site so late otherwise i would have not been able to focus on my case.

      i was here for advice and not to give clarifications. I think i have other better things to do in life than expect some knowledgeable content here. The law has fully supported me…i had all the evidences…the entire society knows who was the culprit…still these guys are confused. Its easy to sit here and pass comments. i dint give up this site earlier becaue i have learnt not to run away from difficulties. But now this is beyond difficulty its vindictiveness of guys here. So i quit from falling into their mess. May this action of quitting gives them pleasure that they made one womean(which is all wrong acc to their stubborn heads) run away from here.

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      Dear Mr Administrator

      Please do not allow her to delete her threads sply No.215 because there are contra statements of her in this thread


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      What is wrong with you…u can read my answer in the other thread..i ve answered it….i do not have contra answers….its just that….i m answering as per the qs demanded…if i start giving details…u ll be tired to read at one go……

      you know what i m actually enjoying this now with you….continue sir.

      …..and if the admin doesnt want to delete it still….fine…i dont ve any probs.

      But i am not interested in the debates……because……i wanna feel my freedom and not deal with this legal stuff any more.

      so if this thread is not deleted…eventually i ll stop using it.

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      Hi Priya,

      I read all the Question and answer . Give me answer of my question.

      If any girl is qualified (wel educated) and sele confident and working in job.

      Why should her parent give dowry ?

      and Why they give ?

      As you write here lot of things , you write about your father spent lacs in your marriage , Why ? He should go for Simple marraige , and other hand if your father gave to you lot of things why you accepted ?

      Now, Why onlt the man is responsible for everything ? Your father give dowry and you brought . How your husband is faulty all of this . Now see judiciry – You can file on your husband and his family member many case – like – DV and 498a and other maintence . But Wht abt your husband and there is no punishment for you and yopur parents for giving dowry. If your parents spent lacs on your marry , Then also Your husbansd’d parent also spent lacs, Now you will get money from your husband thru biased system. But wht your husband spent , From where he will get . You are thinking only in one way . Think in all way, you will see how our system is biased. If you have any child , you can get his/her custody easily and live with child . But wht about father , if he want to meet own child he need the permission of court , what the hell of our system. If a lady can’t live without child, how child’s father can live , you think any thime on it. you are telling now most of people are speaking wrong , No – they are wrong, they are telling same thing ,in which hell they are suffering , you can cry everytime and everywhwre and get symphty of peoples / court. But wht about husbansd/father – you think every time how much pain they are getting / feeling. I reauest to you Don’t think bad. you write here your point and want to tell other. but you should listen others points also

      Mukesh Soni

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      In one of priya’s different thread, I had given useful information along with judgment on marriage expenses. I hope she realized that asking for return of marriage expenses (what was that — 15 lakh!) is not feasible. Hence probably she went for compromise as she acknowedged in the same thread later.

      1. She has got enough info, legal knowledge, and how system works, some ppl were sympathatic too; but she refused to acknowlege that.

      2. But she now wants to attack the other ‘guys’ who did not seem to agree with her.

      She wants only the rose but not the thorns which come with it!

      Read here about another woman who was hell-bent on abusing men who commented on her posts. She wants the right to abuse but nobody should do the same to her!

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      No Post or entry will be deleted but ADMIN and moderators has right to modify any Post.

      If you violate any of our terms of Posting, Your IP will be reported to Cyber Police, If required.

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