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      Hi All,

      We(Me & My Wife) are not staying together for last 2yrs , After several tries for patch up in vein, I filed a Divorce on 13(ia) and (ib) against my wife on 1st Feb 2010.

      Before filing petition we also asked them for Mutual divorce which they refused.

      Later on in last week of Feb they came up with a demand of Rs. XX Lakhs for Mutual consent divorce, At this point of time they weren’t aware of our petition as summons weren’t served to them.

      Now(in last week of feb) we agreed lets do article exchange first then take on from there for mutual divorce. So they returned our articles and we returned their articles. So article exchange was done. Now on article exchange paper only articles part was mentioned and nothing else . Later what they did is manually they wrote that articles are exchanged except the alimony of XX rs is pending. This manual writing was done by hand written on paper where rest of text was computer typed and only two sentence handwritten and their is signature of me and my wife and witnesses.

      Now March begun and they started demanding the money every single day as mentioned above , After 2weeks of march . they finally got the summons of our petition. So then we said that we will convert it to mutual petition because this was filed before our agreement of mutual consent divorce for which both of us agreed but we asked them that this amount of XX rs is not agreeable so plesae re-negotiate which they didnt agree , they gave us time to arrange money for which we said NO and after 1weeks of time in last week of MARCH 498a was registered against me and 7 others relatives including my parents

      This is truly truly a unfair game by them as they logged 498a against 8 of us , me, my mother, my father, my sister, 2 aunts, and my 2 cousins.

      My aunts and cousins , 4 of them dont even stay with us .

      Now we have received interim ABA for all of us after 1 week of FIR logged as we were told after 1week by I/O.

      Now after 2 hearings of ABA we still are on interim protection for last 1month which keeps on renewing every 15days . Now on 11th May the sessions judge has asked the girl to show up in the court on request of PP to confirm that the articles are exchanged because in FIR she says that aritcles meaning gold is pending as part of stridhan which we gave it to her.

      So now please advice on how to present it before judge because my lawyer is not having a clear startegy on what to do. from day 1 he is saying that we will get permanent ABA but so far its 1month and now after 2weeks 1.5 months we are still not getting permanent ABA .

      Now we had almost 3 hearings from Sessions court judge but not got permanent ABA . can anyone advice how to get permanent ABA in my case

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      Check for judgments here you have to use these to get AB as support to your case

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      Dear friend if your divorce petition is pending proceed it, be free from your wife, if she lodged complaint move for quashing the same in High court. 9821387099, 9224799546

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