How to to keep myself fit and healthy while false cases against?

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      What is the advice (medical + legal) to keep myself fit and healthy while false cases against me continue at the court?

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      During false cases are lodged against you,

      1. Do not panic or stress out in any situation, instead think of what can be done to tackle with the same.

      2. Take care of your body and mind, for it
      – Build a healthy and disciplined routine and regularly follow the same
      – Avoid alcohol, cigarette and any other kind of bad habits, because they are stress elevators
      – Keep a check on your health
      – Meditate regularly

      3. Learn about the sections are lodged against you, and their counters.

      4. Seek help from the ones who are/ have been in similar situation.

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        Please pick a piece of paper. Now, answer these questions:
        (1) Feel mentally disturbed?
        Why you will feel low in mental energy?
        1. You are thinking all day => mental stress
        2. You are thinking all night => mental stress
        3. Your mind doesn’t get rest => fatigue
        4. Everybody is advising => more fatigue

        Most of our energy An energized brain can think quickly and correctly. Energize your brain with these (very simple but highly effective) methods, that take 1-10 minutes:
        a. Isha kriya
        b. Kapaal bhaati
        c. Mool bandh

        (2) Feel low in physical energy?
        Your physical health is likely to be affected because:
        1. You will think much more => utilize large amount of energy
        2. You will run around => energy consumption multiplies
        3. Low intake due to mood swings => low supply
        4. Lack of movements of all body parts => lesser blood flow to body parts

        (3) What should I eat?
        Plenty of seasonal vegetables after boiling/ cooking
        Plenty of seasonal fruits: banana is good source of energy

        Nutrient-wise, you need more of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamin C, vitamin D
        Proteins : sprouts, mushroom, lentils, soyabean, sesame seeds (til), chhole, rajma, white of egg, milk
        Carbohydrates : banana, sweet potato, vegetables, cereals
        High quantities of Vitamin C exists in Amla, orange, and other sources
        Vitamin D deficiency is related to depression: sit in sunlight

        (4) What should I drink?
        Plenty of water and fluids in all forms;
        Consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol and other intoxicants drive water out of the body.

        (5) At any moment in life including at present, for any reason, have you ever thought about committing suicide?
        If the answer is yes, please read these
        Q. I am not mentally ill. Why should I go to a psychiatrist?
        Ans. As per WHO, Depression results from a complex interaction of social, psychological and biological factors. People who have gone through adverse life events (unemployment, bereavement, psychological trauma) are more likely to develop depression. Depression can, in turn, lead to more stress and dysfunction and worsen the affected person’s life situation and depression itself.
        A psychiatrist will listen to you in private and with patience, and/ or direct you to a psychologist + decide whether you need some simple medications for some time.

        (6) Are you above 40 years age? : Get yourself checked at least once per year for Blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol; Visit a physician for routine check up

        (7) Is there a reason to be happy?
        (a) Freedom from trouble: Had this lady remained with you some more time, it would have meant more trouble. So the worst is already over.
        (b) Time to re-think the purpose of life: And re-discover yourself as a happy and contented person within yourself, without that lady.
        (c) Married men around the world are seeking ways of getting rid of their wife, even for a few days. You have been gifted bachelorhood after marriage – it seems you are already feeling like the lucky one? 😊
        (d) Now time is available to be spent with your parents, family members and friends
        (8) Want to quit smoking, please contact the National Tobacco Cessation Quit line 1800227787 Toll free
        Q. Why do I NEED to prioritize my health?
        1) ONLY if you are healthy, you can think properly and defeat the Opposite Party (OP) in her own game
        2) ONLY if you are healthy, you can support your parents, siblings and/ or children
        3) ONLY if you are healthy, you will come out wiser from this experience, and lead your life even better than a life without cases.
        4) ONLY if you are healthy, you will be able to contribute to the society in a way you find appropriate

        Hope this helps. Please suggest if there is a more specific question.

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