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I am forced to divorce my wife

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      Hi All,
      Me and my wife had a fight almost 45 days ago. Post fight she was taken to her brother’s house in Bangalore. She switched off her mobile and I was unable to contact her for more than 10 days. When I went to bangalore, I came to know she was in my home town and filled a complain of domestic violance on me. Her family has framed lot of false charges such as I dont work and i am a drunkard etc etc. Their demand was divorce and 4 and half lakh of settlement amount which was agreed by my family too.

      I didnt get even 10 mins of personal time to talk to my wife after incident and suddenly the paper came in front of me that said I was staying away from her since November 2017. The affidavite also says that its mutual and we dont have any past cases and in future we will not file any case against each other.

      I need help, i don’t want to give divorce.What all I shoudl do to save my marriage

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      File Restitute conjugal rights

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Viewing 1 reply thread
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