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      Dear Sir,

      I am the citizen of India and am working abroad since 10 years. My wife died of Lung Disease as per hospital records and all details available. Once she died i was abroad and my infant child was at her home that time.

      Now for five months i asked for the child custody outside the court but they played gimmicks and were always saying that she died of Torture. But never produce any evidence as all was and is false as she died of Natural death.

      I filed the case in court for child custody & case is in court since 10 months ,i court they made allegations which are never true that

      I did not cared for her truth is that i admitted her at hospital,

      I am drug addict but fact is i never even smoke,

      I have grabbed Life insurance for my wife but fact is that there was no life insurance at all,

      My parents were asking for dowry but fact is that she was never at our home as she was abroad with me,

      I have never asked for child but the fact is that i asked for child through Islamic law , Police , Mohalla and now through court.

      They defamed me a lot and tortured my family a lot. Now after i filed the case in court they have went to Womans Commission asking that i and my family tortured her and are asking for them to help register criminal case against me.

      Please suggest me what to do as the Chronology of the dates is as below

      August 17 ,2007 : Got Married

      September 18 ,2007 : Flied Abroad

      April 23 ,2008 : Moved back to India for delivery

      May 07 ,2008 : Child was born

      September 18 ,2008 , Came back to abroad with Child

      January 25 ,2009 Flied back to India due to Lung Disease

      March 04 ,2009 , She passed away

      March 05-August 2009 , Mohallah , My Family & Me asked for Child but they did not give

      Septmeber 2009 , I Filed the case in Court

      March 2010 , They went to womans commission for same issue of torture and dowry

      April 2010 I got Remaried

      June 2010 my Parents were called by Womans commision

      Now they are saying that they have the diary of the deceased were it is written that the deceased was tortured , beaten by me and i am a drug addict.

      But i rememeber that my deceased wife told me that after her death i should marry to her sister but i did not agreed it ,she told me that she will write the WILL not to give child to me and will declare me as bad character.

      Exact Chronology happened that

      ” First they defamed me and blamed me for her death Verbally and now after one year they are saying that they got the diary of deceased were it is written that I am bad character and was beating her”

      Please suggest me what to do

      An Indian Father.

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      You press your petition for custody of yur child, u wl be succeed

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