i want to file a writ petition in gwalior high court through any NGO

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      I a victim of 498a
      were my wife having affair with her student 7 years younger to her and married to me when i cought her she said sorry and beged pardon on the sake of our child, later went to her parents house in gwalior and filed false 498a against me on 2011, and in 2015 c compromised with as c cant stand in court against me for cross examination and exibhit of evidences gave my child in 3/2016 with a promise that c will be back soon and we meet in hotel at gwalior still april 2018 last c said c is in government job and if i want to be with her i have to be in gwalior, to utter surprise c married to her boyfriend in February at datia betraying me and our son
      in 4/2011 high court ordered gwalior police to investigate the evidence provided by me in this 498a case and directed no arrest on which gwalior police never investigate so right now i want an ngo to file a writ petition against state of madhya pradesh asking contempt of high court order for not investigating evidence produce and direction from court to investigate properly and if evidence are true and police has not done their job wisely anbd if after this proper investigation on evidence provided by investigator may find suitable file fir against my wife

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