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      LOVE MARRIAGE ON 4/2/09, got apart on 6/4/09, reason being interfarance of her mother and her B’frn, she took all gold of her and of my mom,

      18/4, complainnt in women cell

      FIR in mid june

      got bail for my mom and aunt from session court but my got dismissed

      further got it from high court

      joined the investigation but in-laws want my interim bail to get dismissed. so they have given an application on grounds of No gold recovery and my influncial back ground and domestic voilence. is it possibel to get the bail dismiss on these grounds whereas it being intercast my marriage was solemenised in a very simple manner.

      they are also demanding rs. 15lack for settelment and the max. expenditure they did on marrigae would not be more then 2 lack.

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      Securing bail is upto your lawyer; even Terrorists gets Bail, why not you.

      it is how your Lawyer Present your case.

      Refer some of the judgments from on BAIL.

      and also call our Helpline numbers for more details.

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      Very very difficult for your inlaws to have your bail cancelled. But why haven’t you applied for divorce as yet. This harassment will come in handy for cruelty plea. If you don’t take the first step and file for divorce, no court will be convinced that the marriage is over.

      And the next step of your wife will be to file a Domestic Violence Act case. Filing for divorce gives clear indication that the DVA case was made out in response to Divorce Case.

      And stop worrying about Sec 498A case now. This is gone into cold storage till filing of charge sheet which will take anywhere up to 3 years.

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      I have gone through your matter, already you have got bail, so no need to be worry, You be in touch with your lawyer, if possible file petition for quashing the proceedings.

      9821387099, 9224799546

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      Many thanks,

      thats wt i missed to file divorce, as rightly mentioned they have suit a maintanance case on me u/s 12 that to bloody 45k PM. is that different from DV U/s24.

      Also confirm does in love marriage also this 498a arrives, and what probablities you see in trial.

      This is a summary of my case.


      The Hon’ble D.I.G

      Subject:- Seek Justice and request for fare investigation in false FIR No–


      I xyz S/o Late. — Lal, Temp. R/o # —a, District Ludhiana, respectfully submit as under.

      1. After the graduation from delhi in 2004, I shifted to — on appointment of —- Max -. and felt in a love with a girl –t — D/o – Ludhiana. It being an inter-cast marriage and the girl being only established earning member of her family against the mutual consent of all relatives finally we got married feb 2009 which was performed in a very simple manner. And only few members attended the marriage and no dowry articles were given or taken by the parties. No child was born out of the marriage.

      2. That after the few days of marriage wife bit try to prove dominating and she always titled towards her mother and use to dance to the tune of her mother. She started creating the troubles in the family on petty matters and started raising quarrels using rustic language and insult me publicly. The interference of her mother in my family was so deep that my life has become too disturb to manage personally and professionally. On 5.4.2009 there was a minor dispute in regards of shifting from her local city and she started shouting and threatening to call upon her mother in high volume. Her mother came and joined her in raising an issue too big by using very cheap and ridiculous language about me but the matter was amicably sort with the intervention of my aunty and uncle. Again on next date 06.04.2009 her mother came in my absence and started shouting and abusing me and my mother. She also threat by saying “ LADKI KI JYADA SUNI JATI HAI” and finally intentionally took her daughter with her along with all her cloths and jewelry. I had approached her many times and went her home to receive her but entire family misbehaved with me and said “GET OUT” & “ WE ARE VERY BAD PEOPLE”. Due to global recession and extensive professional work pressure, wife rather understanding & adjusting with circumstances she threat and misused domestic and women act and filled criminal complaint against me before S.S.P –, as well as S.H.O P.S City —

      3. To save my matrimonial life I have filled a suit in the court of — U/s 9 of Hindu marriage act and have approached Chief Justice & S.S.P — to seek justice but all in vain. My inlaws finnaly refused to continue the relation and started illegal demand of Rs. 15,00,000 to settle the matter. On my refusal to pay,due to local influence and political support & Good relation with Police they filled a F.I.R on 11.06.2009 U/s 498A/406/506 on me, my mother & My auntie who is a heart patient and live 500km away from my place.

      4. Respected Sir, I here by admit all these allegation on me are absolute fake and there has been no fare investigation done in this case. I took my landloard and my neighbors for evidence but they were not been entertained to record there statement. At the counseling at Women Cell even a single time I had not been investigated in regards of demand of dowry and thus I was not even aware of any such complaint for which I come to know from FIR. My mother who is working as Health department Rajasthan and my Aunti who resides at Karnal and is a Heart patient for last 15 years and had never visited my place after my marriage and has no concern with this matter at all are just being involved for the harassment

      So hereby I request you to please and kindly personally intervene into the matter to know the truth and facts and direct the case for fare investigation. For which I am standing by the police authorities with my extended support.

      I am also sure for your support which will definitely increase our confidence in Police Proceedings and De-Motivate the misuse of 498A.

      We will be very grateful to you.

      Your’s Truly


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