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      Dear all,

      presently 3 cases are going in court, 1) 2nd 498A, 2) 2nd DV filed by bitch & 3) criminal 323, 504 case filed by me. However since last 11 court dates, she is trying to escape from the proceeding by remaining absent, giving false reasons like illness, etc. The court also gives next date for her absenteesm or sick reason. so i wanted to request / pray to judge by sending him a letter mentioning all the facts how she is trying to delay the case . In view of this please help me for

      1) firstly and importantly, can i write any such letter to judge n pray to judge for such speedy trials

      2) if yes what precautions should i take in that letter so that it should not have any bad effect in my existing case.

      3) if no, then what are the ways so as to speed up the case trials..



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      why to send love letter, tell judge she is absent for many dates, request him to get all medical certificates for all her false medical claims.

      if not give exparte verdict.

      if he agnore you; write letter/complaint to CJM and cc to that judge

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      Thank u mr. Dsouza. I got, wht u want to say. infact i drafted letter completely but before sending thought of taking forums opinion..

      Many times aggrieved persons think by emotions, but some things should be thought logically. Yes u r right. I wont b sending any letter now.

      thts y i love this forum.and also wont b writing any complaint. otherwise it will be ax on ur own leg.

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