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      Dear All,

      Here are basic indications in a chart to infer that the native will face litigations in marriage / through spouse… Ofcourse those who know astrology will be able to understand these better : (These things may not hold 100 % true depending on other characteristics of the birth chart ….)

      1. Heavy 6th house : 6th house is shatru sthana and represents the enemies of the native. Diseases are also beyond one’s control and give lots of trouble, so diseases are also represented by the 6th house. If there are a lot of planets in 6th house, 6th house becomes heavy and the person becomes vulnerable to litigations / diseases.

      2. Planets in 6th house :

      —- If the lagna lord is in 6th, generally such a native is the biggest enemy of himself. He creates troublesome situations with friends and relatives.

      __ If the 2nd lord is in 6th (2nd stands for family and accumulated wealth), the person has to lose a lot of money on litigation / diseases. He might suffer from chronic illness / litigation during dasha and antardashas of planets connected with the 6th house (lord of 6th as well as planets present in 6th). Since 2nd is also the house of family, the family of such a native suffers badly with him.

      3. Placement of lord of 6th house : Lord of 6th when placed in 2nd can give a person a job related to hospitals or courts (lawyer / doctor) and the person might earn through litigations… But, 2nd is also the house of family, so, such a native, though earns from litigations, in the process loses his/ her family members (physically or emotionally) as 6th is a dushsthana and lord of 6th will spoil the house of family.

      4. Last, but most important point : Lord of 7th (spouse) in 6th (litigation/enemity) house or conjunct the 6th house : – Litigation through spouse / enemity with spouse. In dashas and antardashas of 6th as well as 7th lord, the effects are realized to the full. 6th house (litigation/ enemity) is 12th(loss) from the 7th (loss of spouse), so it causes loss of spouse through litigation …..

      Anybody having an opinion on this is free to discuss ….

      BTW, those who do not believe in astro are free to hold their opinion but I would like you to know that I was also a complete novice, belonging to a family where no one ever cared for any astrology… but situations dragged me into astro and now I find this field amazingly true ..

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      You mean to say Astrology is TRUE ?

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      Well, … strangely the above mentioned specifications really are !!! ….. I found these things common in nearly all the horos of people in litigation with the spouse …. Going on mathematical concept of probability, there should be approximately (1 / 12 ! ) [1 upon 12 factorial] possibility of these planetry positions … and strangely those still lead to litigations with spouse in my case studies …

      But, I would not defend astrology and leave it to the people who believe in astro and would like to give a different opinion / additional opinion from astro point of view, this can be a good learning exercise !!! …

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      I am not arguing Astrology true or false, as most of the Hindus match and check horoscope before marriage, still they get into trouble…

      Why they do not find out before. if you can see it in HORRORscope.

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      in my 6th House i have Kethu and Moon and in her 6th she has Kethu and Saturn… what that denotes..?

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      At times, some greedy people, doing business of astro (may not even be knowing astrology well) cheat the clients and at times deliberately get such charts matched !!!!

      Infact to be true, in my extended family, no charts were ever matched and all have good marriages, but that generation was different…and laws were not so vulnerable to misuse then …. You are right, those who have suffered after chart matching would definitely be against astro while our case being opposite, we turned pro astro !!!! Thats a basic human trait “conditional learing from ones experiences” …. For example, a person having bad experience with housewife would like to marry a working woman next time while the one who married a working woman and had bad experience would now go for house wife thinking that that was the only reason for the problem … I do agree on this selective perception of humans and I am also probably unintentionally relating things to astro ….

      But, in my quest for learning astro, I do wish to invite some opinion from fellow learners to know other people’s opinions in this matter ….

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      “”in my 6th House i have Kethu and Moon and in her 6th she has Kethu and Saturn… what that denotes..?””

      Your 6th house Ketu, can give you career related to medicine …. and Moon in 6th house is lord of which house ? ….. If moon is 10th lord, you are saved from most of the other problems of ketu in 6th as it will confirm a career related to medicine. This will considerably decide the effects…. Anyway Ketu with moon does give the person worries (Moon = Emotional abilities, is afflicted) ….. Ketu with moon can also give a saintly person who is detached from material gains even if he is a millionaire …. IF lagna becomes clear I can tell which house significations will be most affected ….

      Her Saturn is in 6th : She will have long term litigations but will be detached from the litigations mentally. Again if you could tell about the houses lorded by saturn, things will be clearer …. Ketu in 6th with Saturn can also give her chronic illness particularly in dasha of saturn or ketu ….

      For both of you, rahu is in 12th (its always exactly opposite ketu), which will give troubles from Foreign lands and foreigners but will also give attraction for foreign lands / foreigners / people from cultures very different from your own.

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      sorry… forgot to add…. She could also have career in medicine / law (heavy 6th house, ketu in 6th with saturn as karak of career) but the presence of Saturn has made it very difficult for her to peacefully pursue the same !!! If she has Tula or Vrishabh Lagna, things will be good …..

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      i have guru in 6th house and having mithun lagna what do you suggest me

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