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      Hi, I’m writing this on behalf of my father who’s possibly absconding (not yet clear).

      My mother and he have been living separately for 3 years now, He lives in Bharatpur and my mother, my handicapped elder brother, I and my younger sister live in NCR. For living with him and making him food and such, he was looking for second wife, but divorce was pending. Hence, he spread the word that he was looking for one and was contacted by some brokers of a nearby village (famous as goons, on whom there are already multiple cases of fraud) who arranged a lady with a 10-ish year-old daughter to live with him. They signed a pact/agreement saying that she hasn’t brought any sort of money/jewellery and she’ll get a land worth Rs. 11 lacs on her name and Rs. 5 lakh each on her and her daughter’s name if she agrees to live with him, which she must pay back if she leaves him, also there was this clause that she can’t file any rape case or any such accusations on him, whatever will happen, will happen with both of their consent, this was signed in court premises. This lady was violent from the very first day, in fact, my mother’s advocate told me she slapped him hard in court when signing this agreement for something. She has beaten him multiple times since and neighbours and his relatives have corroborated the story. Her daughter is violent too and has threatened him to stab his eye with a knife in front of everybody in a settlement discussion. He gave them laptops, phones, trips to destinations and everything but still, as I’ve been told, he was living like a beggar, he was eating fast food, living like a servant, roaming like a mentally ill patient (which he was, diagnosed, but untreated).

      The problem arised when they found out about our home which is a huge property with a big house. Although, my father made it clear that this property is for my children, but they were living there because my father wasn’t giving us the property and the cases of maintenance and property between him and us are going on, not my mother or my family (Elder Handicapped brother, Me (Male), Younger Sister).

      They (the lady, the brokers, a local but “powerful” Sarpanch and lady’s kins) started pestering and pressurizing him to transfer the home on her name. This made him realize the mess he was in, and he informed us to come ASAP from Delhi and he transferred the property on my mother’s name using Gift deed.

      The situation intensified when the lady got to know about the gift deed. Her brother (a clerk in Collectorate) made an offer of Rs. 1 crore to the person who facilitated the gift deed transfer the next day. The person declined, and later that day, they damaged the property, broke windows/gate, beat him and broke his phone. They also went to his new office (temp clerk in UIT) and made a ruckus there too. He filed police report, called 100 and gave an application to SP but no-one came. She threw him out and locked her inside the property, there was a library inside which my father started but she was taking all the money, it was closed affecting all the students. She also threatened his relatives who came to support him. For 2 days, she kept her inside, locked, my father filed for electricity connection cut to force her to leave. on the 2nd day, my neighbours and my relatives talked to her, and her family was there, and she left the house amicably. But later that day, she filed 376 and 379, also claiming forced abortion. My father bought her jewellery which she had taken with her when she left, yet, in the report she says it was hers and he has taken it for which the section 379 is applied. In fact, not just this, she has taken a lot of things from our home, when my father used to go out, she used to supply things from our home to her family/relatives and neighbours have told me this, they said she has stolen a lot of things and electrical appliances.

      Two days ago, my father posted his side of story in the newspaper in reply of hers, he named everyone involved which forced them to come out of their holes for a settlement. Yet, she said she won’t return the money or the jewellery but will return the property named after her. My father didn’t agree, no settlement happened, and she filed for a case later that day, who was the advocate? My fathers in his and my mother case, this advocate has joined the lady’s side, reason, as I’ve heard is some money disagreement between my father and this lawyer.

      Today, I’ve heard that she has claimed to be his wife in front of police to make her case hold some value, the police have also “surveyed” our home with her (now, on my mother’s name) so she can claim this property and live here.

      It’s all happening for the property and money. I was telling him from the very first day I heard about this live-in lady that this is a clear case of sextortion considering the money involved between brokers and her. Neighbours also told us that she was possibly involved in prostitution, and they had seen men coming frequently in our house in my father’s absence, can be hearsay. My father’s elder brother and his three sons were the reason my father and my mother separated, his sons had beaten us, had punched repeatedly my younger sister, threated to kill me, my mother in front of everybody, all neighbours watched when they dragged us on the streets, all to separate them and get his property. Police changed everything, location, timing, scenario, and that was the last day we lived under same roof. They thought they’ll do some “seva” of my father after the separation and he’ll name his property to them, but he didn’t, and surprise, surprise, they’re the one supporting the lady, they were in contact with the lady.

      Sorry for the long story, but I’ve mentioned most things. Now, what my father wants is to teach this lady a lesson and get all the money, jewellery and the property back which seems impossible. What I want is that he gets free of the charges, he gets something at least in return and she can’t occupy the home my mother has suffered for her whole life.

      Thank you, please help.

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