Looking for an attorney to file for relax bail condition and get my passport

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      Hi All,

      I know, someone might have been in my shoes earlier. Please HELP

      She filed a false DV in USA and the judge dismissed it saying a false case.

      Divorced about 2 years back in USA for which she contested. Even in the divorce decree, it clearly states that there was NO involvement of domestic violence.

      She tried to harass me earlier with no success. I had a great attorney in USA who literally ripped her and she had absolutely no clue that she silently walked to her own grave and got buried in the pool of lies she built

      Now she again filed a false 498A.

      I was released on conditional bail to deposit Passport and not to leave India.

      Charge sheet (investigation report) is yet to be completed.

      Now, I am looking for an attorney in Hyderabad who knows how to quickly get my passport and relax bail condition. A right attorney knows the timing, when and where to exactly handle situation.

      Please let me know if you were in similar situation and how much time it took to get your passport.

      Thanks in advance.



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      I got this somewhere on the web.

      impounding a “passport” is provided for in Section 1 0(3) of the Passports Act. The Passports Act is a special law while the Cr.P .C. is a general law. It is well settled that the special law prevails over the general law. Impounding of a passport cannot be done by the Court under Section 104 Cr. P.C. though it can impound any other document or thing. My appeal in High court was admitted and today the order has been passed to return passport, with some “conditions”. I will be getting the copy of the order on Monday. I was told by my lawyer that the surety amount is Rs 5 lakhs, which I think it’s ridiculous. Anyway, now I can go back to US and start the judicial proceedings for my child’s custody.

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      WOW, 5L is ridiculous. I expected that it should be less than 1L. Is this amount set by some criteria?

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      Dear sir,

      i have gone through your matter, for relaxation of bail condition or for passport you have to file application again before the same court, you have already engaged your lawyer, he may help you. It will be done , dont worry.

      thanking you. Your wellwisher,

      Adv. Ramchandra N. Kachave

      http://www.jaihindlegal.com, My Nation, http://www.jaihindsena.com

      M-9821387099, 9224799546

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