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      I am a Software Engineer of age 31 and I belong to a middle class Kerala Muslim family. My mother is still working in a quazy govt firm and my father is an X-gulf(as teacher) and X-govt employee(resigned). I have one elder-sister(second marriage) and one younger sister(married).

      My wife (age 28) works for a central govt firm on a 5 year contract basis. She has been working there for the last 4 years. Her monthly income is around 50 thousand per month. And my annual income is 7 lakhs. Her father is X-gulf(truck driver) and mother is a house wife. It was her parent’s second marriage. She has one elder brother(married) and one elder sister(inter-religion marriage). Elder sister is a govt Ayurvedic Doctor.

      Her father lost his eye sight when my wife was one year old and hence he returned from Gulf and he was not in a position to go for work. They lived by selling their properties and by bank loans. Her brother is running a share trading business, catering service and rent-a car business.

      She was not interested for a marriage. She got married at the age of 26 and my age was 29. After marriage we went to Chennai to a rented house. The problem got worsened due to her mother’s psychic disorder(which we never knew) and her brother beat me when I went to see my baby. Still I begged her to come back and live with me. But she refused to come to my home and also told me that we can live separately in Chennai. And hence we spoke with the Masjid Committee members to sort out the problems. This made them angry.

      She filed a false case against me (for physical, mental and sexual harassment, for misusing her money and ornaments, for not giving food, for repeatedly asking money) and my parents (for asking dowry and harassing her to give more dowry). All the allegations are absolutely false.

      We are under bail now. I resigned from my job due to the mental trauma of this issue. Now I am jobless for the last 5 months. Our dignity has been under question since Police came to our house to arrest us. Fortunately we were not at home at that time.

      1. Do I need to pay maintenance for her?

      2. Can I marry another girl without divorcing her?

      3. I have her photographs with her lover at beach, car and train. Will it be useful?

      4. Will I be able to get my baby (6 months now) after 7 years?

      5. What should I do to get visitation to my baby?

      6. She changed the name of the baby that we mutually decided to put. The birth certificate is with her. Can I object the name change?

      Thanking you


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      get all her work details, as she is working you can fight maintenance case.

      send her lawyer notice to come and join you, then send RCR.

      do not hurry marring another girl, so she can claim you had affair before.

      just being with someone will not proove her Affair unless you catch her in intimate pose… or ^$T%%%

      after 5 years you can ask custody, but u can ask anytime for visitation if you are paying her bills.

      she can name child anything but she cannt alter Fathers name column.

      call our madras members and talk to them, they will guide you.

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