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      I and my wife have registered our marriage on 04/03/2011 under the special marriage act.But my wife was at her home but we had met in other places and in my room several times.We have lived as husband and wife.we loved for seven years.I have many photos taken in my room and public places and love letters.But her parents forced her to suit a complaint against me in the family court to declare as void and null..I could not contact her for three months her parents do not allow me.while we were in love We had been living as husband and wife for 3 years but all were secret.

      The petition is as below

      1)I forced her to get married

      2)We didn’t live together.

      3)There was no sexual intercourse between us.

      4)I tortured her.

      5)I was fraud to her

      But truly i say these are not correct.If i get a chance to talk with her she will come with me.Will i get a chance to talk with her on the day of hearing.Pls guide and advice how to get her back.What should i do on the day of hearing…If she says that we did not have intercourse also then what should i do.I have sacrificed many things for her any how i want her pls guide what should i do on the day of hearing.. As you all know my problem.I thing my wife will act as her parents say in the court.She is hiding our secret things (Consummate,lived together).The evidences are very confidential that as a husband i should not show any body.Before questioning me If i ask the judge to allow me to talk to her personally will they allow?I could not contact her for three months.The petition contains only the things what her parents know.Pls advice me

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      First and most important thing is that preserve your all photos, letters. keep one copy extra with you and original in safe custody somewhere else. you have to show them in court. when it comes to court, there is no hide and seek business. They will try to get all these evidences by some of your common friends or relatives. don’t trust anybody and don’t give to them including to your parents also. The documents are precious for you, and they only will bring you out of this misery.

      you done a good job by keeping them..

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      If you legaly married and Registered your marriage; and now, you do not know where she is then file Habeas Corpus,


      Police has to produce her within 24 hours.

      hope she will give statement in your favor

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