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      I am married for the last 8 years and do not have any kids. My wife has been blaming me for not having child and have accused my mother, sister and brother’s wife of black magic. we are in Dubai and now she is not allowing my mother to visit me. My mother is very old and my father expired 7 years ago. My wife has gone to all the flat in our building and have told them wrongly about me, my mother, sister, brother and brother’s wife. She once called her friends and accused me that iam impotent. She abuses all of us with bad words. but I do not have any proof of the same.recently she called up my mother, sister and other relatives that she will commit suicide after writing letter that we are responsible for her death. She then went to ther friend’s house. I went to the police to log a complaint. Police called her friend and informed her to inform my wife to come home. She then went to the police station along with a Arabic lady and said that I was the one who chucked her out of the house. Her parents are encouraging her to do all this. She is now threatning to come to my office and complain about me. After that she and her parents threaten to file a dowry case with the court. I have not received any dowry. She is well educated but is not working. She complains that I was the one who forced her to leave her job for baby. I am trying to convince her to go and work but she is refusing. She is also not going to India and says that she will follow me where ever I go. She is not allowing me to go to India alone.

      I am not speaking to her presently. Is there any lawer in Dubai who I can seek help from? Can I apply for a Divorce / Legal Seperation in Dubai under the context of mental torture.

      Is there any lawyer in Tamil Nadu from the forum who can take up my case.

      Please help..

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      you need evidence to file for Divorce and men need solid proofs to win too.

      you can do medical test and prove that you are not impotent and start to blame her.

      meanwhile start to collect all the proofs, audio and video evidence what she do against you and harassments and talk to our members. they will guide you what to do next.

      if you want to talk to someone in dubai/TN then i can give numbers

      mail us to [admin AT ]

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      Thanks for the reply. I have lab test reports confirming that my sperm count is good. I would also try for some evidence.

      It would be really helpful if you can provide some contact in Dubai / TN for me to contact and discuss.

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      Let me know where in TN as we have many numbers of different cities

      send mail from here to get Dubai contact, as its not a helpline

      or mail us to [admin AT ]

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