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      My brother & his wife are harrassing me in filing false complaint first under Domestic Violence Act and secondly when my father visited their house, forcefully retained him in their house for two months giving mental torture and filed a complaint against me making allegations that I have sent me father forcefully out of my house and filed a case in the court for maintenance. However, when the case came to the Mediation Centre, their main demand was for house property which is in my wife’s name or for compensation of atleast 6 lakhs and many more. We only said that we are willing to take my father since I have not committed any mistake. Unfortunately after three days, my father was sent back by them and immediately we noticed that my father was mentally sick and was admitted in the Hospital and within two months we had spent 1.8 lakh for his treatment and he died. Now after four months after my father’s death, my brother and his in laws are visiting my house initially asking for some financial help and making several calls to settle the dispute or else we will be filing complain against you. Please help me what action should I take to stop their harrassment for no fault of mine.

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