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      As per FIR the case happend on date 24th feb’2011 thrusday around 13:30 hrs but FIR filled an 25th feb’2011 at 01:30 am.

      I am leaving at greater noida the near by hospital is kailash but the medical of my wife was done at dankaur 30km away from

      my house in primary health center where my whife mama is working as compounder <why she not visited police station 5km away

      from my house / why not she visited kailash 2km away from my house>

      As per medical of my wife states that it was done as 16:30 on 24th feb’2011 but why doctor / family not reported matter to police.

      Around 21:30 hrs my wife along with their relatives attacked my house and beaten badly my father,borther ,sister,mother & me

      father & brother both having head injuries <MLC time 23:40 hrs> PCR 64 taken us to kailash hospital.

      I callled no.100 form my cell – on date 24th feb’2011 to get the check up done of other party PCR – 66 turned up but no action taken till date in between my wife family filed dowry case against me.

      My brother Ajay singh Do have facture in head same can be seen in CT scan report done in kailash on 24th feb’2011

      My sister R- leg do have facture same can be seen in X- ray report done on date 24th feb’2011.

      Sir they attached my house and inrespect of filling my complaint the action them the thing become vice-versa so please help me

      as they planned the things and compleated the task the whole case is froud and same can be checked and monitored the name of

      person who attached my family are as follows.

      Sir even we visited the kasna choki where this case was registered first to file our FIR once we free from kailash hospital the time

      of discharge is 12:00pm and we visited to kasna choki to file application they accepted the same but ask us to come back in morning when we visited their they have taken the recived copy and tear it however i do have snap of same in my cell phone images attached please have a look.

      I am quite worry about fraud 307 as she given in the fir that we poured kerosene oil on her but some one inform his father who lives is chattarpur visited their and saved her see from chattarpur to Greater noida the approx. travel time is 1:30 hrs still he able to save her even as per police they dont have any recovery in relation to the statement made in this.

      Now police filled the charge sheet so please help me what to do now.

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      Whatever medical she done was not valid unless, Police direct her, that means she has to file FIR with Police 1st. and medical should be from Govt Doctor only.

      File a RTI with Police for the details of your complaint and action taken.

      for more details you can contact our members in Noida. they will guide you.

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      thanks sir for reply it brings me a hope now. the question are as follows.

      1 Medical prepared in PHC dankaur around 30km from my house not in kailash just 5 km away.

      2 In same hospital one of her relative is working he helped her

      3 In fir she given statement that Me (sunil),father,mother sister & brother are trying to burn her but my father & me both are in office at that time.

      4 Police filed 498a,307 against us i was in judicial custody for 40 days result i lost job.

      5 They beaten us badly on same day / MLC Done at kailash around 11:40pm but in between they filed 498 Case against us.

      6 Sir please help by providing the details of member to whom i can speak to screw their happiness…



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      If you sure that FIR is vague & false story , you file application U/s 482 of Cr.P.C. for quashing FIR & try your leval best. 9821387099, 9224799546

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      Dear sir,

      thanks for reply if you please guide me a good criminal lawyer in noida.

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      you can get in touch with our local members

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