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My wife hardly allow me to have sex,now she want Divorce

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      Sir i`m newly married, but my wife hardly allow me to have sex, even she is not doing anything,or activily participate in it.

      she is not allow me to have sex when lights are on,never hugged me or kissed. she act weired, now she is asking for divorce or saying she will file some case on me, i heard there is a new section of law and dowry law which will arrest husband without any enquiry. what to do.

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      There may be many reason for this;

      If your marriage is arranged marriage then, she must be forced to marry you, and she love someone else, thats why she is not allow you to have sex and now asking for divorce, and she is sure you will not give her divorce thats why she is threatening you with dowry law complaint.

      second reason, if you are newly married then, she is shy and do not know much about sex,you have to be nice with her, allow her to as she wanted, teach her, talk to her, give her some books or tell her if you are expert in sex.she will openup slowly.

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      D’Souza I feel the first one is correct from the Admin. Sex is like our pissing or shitting its common for everyone. Its not a choice and no question of whetere you like it or not.

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      There is no chance of FORCED sex in marriage, it should be mutual; and its not common, Every individual has thier own rights and respect.

      You can`t force sex on your wife. in west its called marital Rape, soon NCW demand that too.

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      Your matter is not so serious, try to understand each other & be happy in your life.

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