My wife is torturing and mentally harassing me

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      I’m complaining under great pressure and request for your assistance whereby we will get the right justice.

      I’ve helped my uncle and aunt monetarily, when they were going through financial crisis and also by marrying their eldest daughter, as she was not getting a suitable partner for marriage. The entire cost of the wedding which was around Rs. 1,50,000/- approx. was borne by me and we did not take any money from the brides parents for anything. The wedding took place in May, 2009 at our native place at an agreed ‘meher’ of Rs. 1,500/- which was paid by me in cash immediately.

      We come from a conservative Muslim family with traditional values and a very Islamic environment. We also have a very good reputation in society, which can very well be vouched for by any prominent person in our location, on request.

      Soon after marriage my wife started showing her true colors. She is extremely suspicious and demanding by nature, to the extent that she would not allow me to socialize with friends and colleagues. She would refuse to do the daily household chores or cook food. Her father and his brothers are all government employees and hence are using their clout into encouraging my wife’s behavior. Her parents were against their daughter doing any work in the house. They wanted us to get a maid as their daughter was not used to doing any household work. She was strongly against me giving my parents money for sustaining with their lives. She did not allow me to speak with my parents. She would try and keep me under her command at all times. I was always checked upon even while I was at work. I was made to call her every hour just to confirm that I was in office. She did not allow me to go out with friends or meet anyone. She has written a false blog about me to malign my reputation and has also sent a letter at my workplace to try and get me removed from the job.

      She would also go to her parents house for one week every month, as per her whims and fancy. She was away from me for three months between Sep., 2009 and Dec., 2009 without any reason or contact.

      Despite all this I have tried to put up with her ways as we come from a reputed background and did not wanted our name to spoil in the society. I spoke to her parents about this as well. They started intimidating us with dire consequences if we do not let their daughter have her ways. We bought a mediator to try and negotiate a solution, or seek divorce. The meeting place was our home and my wife’s parents had come along with some anti-social elements to take her away. They said that their daughter does not want to stay with me and hence they will take her away. She left to live along with her parents in Feb., 2010 after which I have had no contact with her, or her parents.

      We tried to negotiate again through a Kazi, for my wife to come and take a divorce. However, neither my wife nor her parents are willing to come forward to close the matter. Instead they have threatened us that they will destroy me. I still was patient as I thought that time will heal my sufferings and I was optimistic that this will end well.

      However, it was bought to my notice that my wife has filed a complaint against me, despite the fact that she is living separately, for almost a year. She had left my home on her free will and I do not understand the reason for her to complaint about any mental harassment. I had received a call from her local police station for me to come and record my statement. I had gone there, along with my parents. My wife along with her parents was also present there. Her father has explicitly told the station officer, that he will ensure that I go to jail and he will do all he can, to achieve this task.

      All this police cases and intimidating calls from organizations claiming to be working for women rights, is creating a lot of pressure and stress. I fear that it might turn out fatal for me, as a trivial marriage dispute is given the shape of cruelty and dowry demands, by false intentions of my wife and her parents. The fact of the matter is intentionally distorted, to gain benefit from woman-favored laws of India. Since there is no penalty or a fine for filing a false case, many women are misusing the law to dictate terms.

      Request for you to please advise.

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      We need case details and her FIR statement details. with these details only we can advice something.

      what are her alegation

      what her demands

      and against whom.

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