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      Am a 498a soldier I need your advice to win the battle against 498a.

      I was married on 08-02-07.

      She registered FIR u/s 498a for the want of VISA to Saudi.

      Her family members were staying in Saudi for the past 7 years she has a visa of unmarried girl in Saudi and her passport status is unmarried.

      After my marriage my FIL called me Saudi on 21 july 08 he arranged the visa. In my passport also am unmarried I ask to my FIL to change the status in India they told if passport renewed or status included it causes to expire my daughter visa So you come with us as it is in your passport we can change the status in Saudi by assuring that he’ll provide and convert her daughter passport in to married status.

      At the time of Saudi entry in airport they given a entry form in that I mentioned that am married , wrote the name of wife and details.

      I came to know that when I was in Saudi they used me as a bonded labor and their demand is myself become as a “Ghar Jamai”.

      My Father in law not provided or convert the visa status as Married in her daughter passport.

      I left their house in November and residing separately in a room in Saudi


      In December 2007 she came to India without my consent and In Jan 08 month she renewed her passport as unmarried again .

      I have a Xerox copy of renewal application passport form of my wife with me.

      She wrote in complaint that she have a visa under his dad’s sponsorship cause of this when her dad going to vacation she has to go means ( She should stay in Saudi with her dad without her dad she should not reside in Saudi).

      But in the month of May 2008 my father in law went to India on emergency vacation leaving her single in saudi with her brother because she has separate visa not on her dad’s sponsorship visa her original sponsor is her Dad’s company BOSS he given the visa to her.

      When I came to know that again she renewed her passport as unmarried I told to my FIL I ll take the action legally the legal proceedings when I ll go to India .

      They preplanned and they came to India when am in Saudi and lodged the fabricated story complaints against me and my parents us 498a.

      Presently we are on bail. We applied for quash in two petitions one for me and other for my parents.

      Now pls advice me,

      1. Can I use the counter tool of section 340 Crpc against my 498a wife regarding her passport renewal hiding the facts that as per Indian international document she’s unmarried, to lodge the complaint on me for Indian justice she is married pls advice me.

      2. Is there any website or link to get the details of her Saudi visa or any RTI for Indian consulate in Saudi pls advice.

      3. How can I get the passport Xerox copies of my FIL and my 498awife to get the details of status on passport and to count the visits to India.

      Pls advice me


      498a Soldier.

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      As per saudi Laws FIL can`t sponsor married daughter. you can report it to Saudi authorities, if her status is unmarried when she is still married to you.

      and also to Indian immigration that she married but gave wrong info in Passport application.

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      Thanks alot for ur advice. Is there any counter section to lodge case against her.

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