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      I am fighiting a Criminal case against my brother filed under 341, 504, 323, 324, 326, 506 R/W 34, I have a family roperty Litigation with him.

      The Police Booked me on 341, 504, 323, 324, 326, 506 R/W 34 as they were paid off :

      Even though it was my brother who entered my premises forcebly along with his henchmen with the intention of Murdering me, but to the Presence of My Brother in Law helped save me.
      My Late Father operated schools in Bangalore wherein the nett income is Rs.30 Crore Per annum.
      Hence he is got a Lot of money to spend.
      This case is pending from 2018.
      I have Hired more than 7 Advocates and everyone of them has been Booked by my so called Brother.
      I have strong case with Photo, Video Evedence But I am not able to present it before the Court as my Advocates are Playing Truant and acting on his advise.

      My Advocates have spoilt the case to such an extent that they even filed a unrelevant 239 application and made sure that it was rejected.

      I want to defend myself in the sessions court on a self appearance basis, for a review petition, can some one help me with the drafting of the case. As I have lost confidence in Advocates as if at all I engage them I fear that too will be booked, as I have limited options now as If I stand for a Trial It will be easier for the Booked advocates to convict me.

      Thanking you,

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